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The UM-HMRC Team

D. W. Edington, Ph.D.

Director of the University of Michigan Health Management Research Center, D.W. Edington is also a Professor in the School of Kinesiology at the University of Michigan and a research scientist in the School of Public Health.

Trained in mathematics, kinesiology and biochemistry, Dr. Edington received his B.S. and Ph.D. degrees from Michigan State University and completed his M.S. at Florida State University. He taught at the University of Massachusetts before coming to Michigan in 1976. Dr. Edington is the author or co-author of over 500 articles, presentations, and several books, including Biology of Physical Activity, Biological Awareness, Frontiers of Exercise Biology, The One Minute Manager Gets Fit and the 2nd edition, The One Minute Manager Balances Work and Life.

Dr. Edington’s teaching and research focus on the relationship between healthy lifestyles, vitality and quality of life, as they benefit both individuals and organizations. He is specifically interested in how individual health promotion, worksite wellness activities and programs within organizations impact health care cost containment, productivity and human resource development. In essence, the HMRC studies the precursors to disease and vitality.

Dr. Edington enjoys the constantly emerging challenges at the HMRC. He describes the Center as dynamic, innovative and a world-class leader in driving towards information-driven decision making in the evolving new health care environment.

Analytical Systems: Members of this team perform the statistical analyses required to examine associations between risks and costs, and to track trends over time. They also participate in the management of client data.

Business Services: This team provides the internal business administration and support to keep HMRC running smoothly. Facility management, travel services, financial services and event planning all fall under this team's responsibilities.

Client Systems: This team provides client support and strategic planning regarding the development of a project from its creative inception to its research outcome. Their activities include communicating with internal client teams; establishing logistics and operations; facilitating the work of internal and external teams; coordinating the data flow needed to conduct the research; delivering and presenting client reports; responding to external requests and proposals, writing and renewing client contracts and University Institutional Review Board approvals.

Database Programming Systems: This team manages databases for HRA production, the integrated data warehouse and Online Analytical Processing (OLAP). It develops and maintains systems for data integration, individualized feedback reports and aggregate reports.

HRA Systems: Members of this team are responsible for ensuring the highest quality data entering the database via the Health Risk Appraisal. This team, with support from Data Programming Systems, provides a personalized information report (HRA profile) to the individual and group summary reports to the organization. Additional services include: personalized follow-up letters and reports, as well as data tracking assistance for organizations with incentive and other wellness programs.

IT Systems: This team provides hardware and software consultation and trouble shooting services including network services, workstations printers, scanners, etc. to make the HMRC work in a seamless and efficient environment. They provide the high level information system that will lead to advances in our knowledge systems.