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Company Case Studies

These booklets include reprints of research studies at each of these partner corporations. There is a shipping and handling fee for each booklet.

The Bank One Wellness Study
A compilation of thirteen research studies covering the topics of productivity, disease management, allergies, asthma, prenatal education, overweight, depression and more.

The Story of Health Promotion at General Motors Corporation
This review of the largest worksite health promotion program includes studies on health risks, healthcare costs, diabetes prediction, disability absences and other topics.

The Progressive Wellness Study
This booklet covers research studies at Progressive Corporation. Topics include onsite fitness centers, ten years of health risk appraisal participation patterns, and the effectiveness of health promotion programs in moderating healthcare costs.

The Steelcase Wellness Study
A review of the first ten years of this landmark study put together in one convenient book. The book includes the findings, publications, reprints and graphs.

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