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Cost Benefit Analysis and Report 2008

This annual report is a tool to justify, initiate or focus your wellness program to meet the corporate bottom line.

  • A review of published studies about the cost-effectiveness of health management programs from 1979 through 2007
  • UM-HMRC research overview by Dee W. Edington, Ph.D.
  • New Total Value of Health section covering health care costs, pharmaceutical costs, absenteeism, disability, presenteeism and workers' compensation costs
  • New section summarizing programs which utilize the Internet and e-mail
  • New organization, making it easier to find your topics of interest
  • Summaries of over 825 articles and studies
  • Order your copy today for $295 here.

Topics Reviewed:

Total Value of Health
Health care and Pharmaceutical Costs
Productivity Costs

General Wellness
History of Worksite Health Management

Comprehensive Programs

Acute Illness
Aging/Elder Care/Retirees
Benefits Plans (Dental, Prescription Drug, Risk Rating, Demand Management)
Cardiovascular Health

Disease Management
Exercise/Physical Activity
Flu Vaccinations
Health Conditions
Health Risk Appraisal (HRA)
Injury and Illness Prevention
Internet/E-mail-based Programs
Mental Health/Stress
Women's Health Issues