What can the UM-HMRC’s evaluation system do?

The optimal amount of strategy to support low-risk maintenance, risk reduction and disease management is addressed through the system’s utilization management.

Within the Integrated Health Management System database of over 2 million lives, researchers can look at a single individual, track his or her lifestyle behavior history, and with use of the total, de-identified population data, project that person’s health and medical claims costs in the future.

The following types of information and reports are available:

  • The HRA personal report to individuals
  • Counselor reports
  • Physician reports
  • Ad hoc reports
  • Intervention effectiveness reports

The assessments of outcomes, costs and effectiveness are delivered in technical reports specific to your organization showing measurable outcomes and also, when requested, a Medical Economics estimate.

Clients using our services are members of the Corporate Consortium.

“The total value of health can only be derived from the sum of the measures of healthcare and pharmacy costs, and productivity including time-away-from-work (absenteeism, short and long term disability and worker’s compensation) and presenteeism,” according to the UM-HMRC’s director, D.W. Edington.

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