The Bank One Wellness Study (Now JPMorgan Chase)

This booklet contains reprints of the following studies:

  • The Value of the Periodic Executive Health Examination: Experience at Bank One and Summary of the Literature
  • The Economic Burden of Lost Productivity Due to Migraine Headache: A Specific Worksite Analysis
  • Emerging Research: A View From One Research Center
  • Asthma Disease Management: A Worksite-Based Asthma Education Program
  • Bank One's Worksite-Based Asthma Disease Management Program
  • The Impact of Allergies and Allergy Treatment on Worker Productivity
  • An Evaluation of a Worksite Prenatal Education Program: Five-year Experience
  • Disability Management: Corporate Medical Department Management of Employee Health and Productivity
  • Costs and Benefits of Prevention and Disease Management
  • The Role of Health Risk Factors and Disease on Worker Productivity
  • The Economic Costs Associated with Body Mass Index in a Workplace
  • The Economic Impact of Depression in a Workplace
  • A Computer-Assisted Health Care Cost Management System

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