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HRA Systems

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Jerry Schatzle (Leader)

Jerry has a B.A.A. in Health Fitness and Health Promotion from Central Michigan University (CMU). He also has a Master of Business Administration from CMU. While in school Jerry worked summers at the HMRC and was hired on in 1994. Jerry processes Health Risk Appraisals and generates group reports.
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Beatriz Aguirre

Beatriz primarily serves as the receptionist. She also processes HRAs. Beatriz was born in Mexico which is also where she attended school.

Van Cowan

Van is involved with the processing of Health Risk Appraisals for various corporate clients. He also helps to maintain the center's resource library of research articles for the Cost Benefit Analysis and Report publication. Van graduated from the University of Michigan with a B.A. in Kinesiology, and has received a masters degree in the field. Van has been involved with the Center since 1992.