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Database Programming Systems


Lixin Yan (Leader)

Lixin is responsible for database design and development, knowledge discovery in database, data management and report generating. Lixin has a Ph.D in Physics and has been working at the HMRC since 1995.

Jia Chen

Jia specializes in Microsoft .NET technology and developing web interfaces for database applications. Jia has a B.S. in Computer Science Engineering from the University of Michigan, and joined HMRC in 2004.

Lingzhi Chen

Lingzhi (Lindsey) Chen is a Senior Document Specialist. Her primary duties include technical writing, aggregated report set up and production, data exchange/data feed coordination and data loading. She has an MA in English Language and Literature, and an MS and Ph.D. in sociology.

Siqing Hu

Siqing Hu has been a member of the database system team at HMRC since 1999. She specializes in data warehouse and is responsible for data set creation and report generation for various corporate clients and HMRC research. She is also involved in knowledge discovery and HRA production technical support. She has M.S. degrees in both Physics and EECS.

Xingquan Li

Xingquan has dual M.S. in Physics and EECS from University of Michigan and is working on his Ph.D in Physics. His current work focuses on data management and database applications including OLAP applications. He is also interested in knowledge discovery such as data mining and predictive modeling. He has been with the HMRC since 2001.

Lalitha Natarajan

Lalitha has a Masters Degree in Computer Information and Control Engineering from the University of Michigan. She finds Robotics, Data Mining, and Web Development interesting. She has a B.S. in Chemistry/Physics. She is the most recent addition to the HMRC Database team and is delighted to be a part of it.


Kellee Simson

Kellee is a graduate of the University of Michigan, majoring in Philosophy. He has been with the HMRC since 2007. He is responsible for software testing, quality assurance, data loading and report generation.


Ping Wang

Ping obtained her M.S in computer science from the University of Missouri, Kansas City. She is interested in object-oriented programming and database driven web development. She has B.S in both Chemistry and Economics. She joined the HMRC Database System Team in 2006.

Willy Wangsa

Willy received his M.S. in Computer Science at Eastern Michigan University and joined HMRC in 2007. Previously, he has worked in technical support involving small networking and programming both in Indonesia and the United States. Willy also has passions in database, .NET and open source programming. His personal website can be accessed at here.

Mark Zhang

Mark has a M.S. in Computer Science. His major responsibilities in the HMRC are database development, data administration, and design, implementation and administration of database applications. He joined HMRC in 2001.

Wei Zhou

Wei administers and controls database systems, develops database-oriented applications and designs and implements detail functions and procedures. He has a M.S in Computer science and has been with the HMRC since 1997.