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Client Systems


Catherine Fillmore (Leader)

Catherine received dual BS degrees in Microbiology and Biochemistry from Michigan State University and an MS in Molecular Biology from Northwestern University. Prior to joining Dr. Edington’s team she was a consultant, a technical sales representative, and a life sciences researcher. She manages projects that support practical wellness intervention methodology in the workplace, guides data flow, timelines, and ensures project needs are met. As the main client contact, she works with new and prospective clients that want to partner with the HMRC. She is the HIPAA privacy officer for the client group and is coordinating the development of client management tools to improve project flow.

Ken Chung

Ken Chung is a graduate of the University of Michigan with a B.A. in Psychology and also an MSW in Social Work from U of M. Ken has worked in the survey research field for over seven years managing large-scale research projects with a variety of healthcare clients. Additionally, Ken has spent time in the health plan arena working in health management and quality improvement. At the HMRC, Ken is focused on client projects, setting-up the project, managing data flow, and ensuring reports are delivered on-time. He also supports internal projects including HRA and Profile update, Summary Reports, and Client Systems Tool development.

Amanda Cyr

Amanda is a graduate of Montana State University with a BS in Health Promotion and an MS in Health and Wellness in Health and Human Development. Her graduate research work Using the Health Belief Model to Predict Genetic Tests for Colorectal Carcinomas has been submitted for publication. As a project manager she is a resource for clients on health management concepts, wellness program design, and implementation of programs.

One of her current projects is EMPAQ® (Employer Measures of Productivity, Absence and Quality™), which is a set of standardized metrics and benchmarking tools to help employers evaluate the effectiveness of their health and productivity management programs. The HMRC serves as the data management warehouse, benchmarking analysis and reporting arm for EMPAQ®.