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Athletic History and Cultural Identity

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Baseball is known as "America's pastime". It is well known the rich legacy baseball has had on the history of America. Puerto Rico shares America's love for baseball as some other Central American countries and it has thus made significant contributions to the sport. The island hosts a winter league of baseball from January to May that brings in many American players. Puerto Ricans that have climbed through the ranks of baseball's minor leagues and made it into the MLB (Major League Baseball) are treated as national icons (1). In turn, these players have given back not only to the sport itself, but to their home country as well. Since Puerto Rico is a nation of only 4 million residents (2), each player that rises to the professional level is a representative of the country and their cause. Last year, there were 38 Puerto Rican born players on MLB rosters (3). The two players we chose to focus on for this section are Roberto Clemente and Juan Gonzalez.

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Roberto Clemente

There are several other notable baseball players in the MLB from Puerto Rico. Each of these has attained success in the United States as a baseball player, but back in their native country, they are national celebrities. Some of these players include:

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