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Athletic History and Cultural Identity

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Basketball may not as popular of a sport in Puerto Rico as baseball, but it is rapidly gaining popularity. Puerto Rico has its own basketball league known as the SuperLiga25. Although Puerto Rico is not a politically soveriegn nation, it has attained what is known as "sports sovereignty" (6). This essentially means that it is allowed to participate as its own nation in multi-national sports competition such as the Olympics and the Goodwill Games. This is important in such events like Basketball because in recent times, Puerto Rico's national team has achieved success in international competition that has been a great source of pride and nationalism to the country, especially in regards to its parent nation, the United States. Puerto Rico has many different political parties which base their platform on their opinion of their relationship with the United States. Despite their differences, they have all come together in support of their country's recent success. This is discussed in further detail in the National Team page. Puerto Rico's biggest basketball start is Carlos Arroyo, who has been in the NBA (National Basketball League) for three years now.

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Carlos Arroyo and the Puerto Rican National Team

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