Sports in Puerto Rico

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Athletic History and Cultural Identity

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Babbitt, John S. “Roberto Clemente - A sports legend.” Stamps 248 (1994): 1-4.

This source discusses Roberto Clemente's great career with the Pirates as well as gives a brief biography and accomplishments outside of the sports arena. It spoke very highly of his life (as all sources do) and his passion for giving back to impoverished people and then went briefly into his legacy and the impact he had on future Latino baseball players.


Castro, Elga. “Sports Sovereignty in Puerto Rico .” NACLA Report on the Americas 37 (2004): 31.

This article discusses the concept of sports sovereignty and how it relates to Puerto Rico . The concept is not one the author creates, but rather shows how it was/is crucial to the history and context of Puerto Rico as a nation. It briefly discusses the concept in some historical contexts.


Grant, Even. Juan Gonzalez: Juan Gone! Champaign , IL : Sports Publications, 1999.

This article is a type of interview with Juan Gonzalez. The author followed him around for a couple days and chronicled his life during a visit to his home country and to an elementary school named after Roberto Clemente. It shows the impact an athlete of his caliber has on the citizens of Puerto Rico and how Clemente's legacy of giving back to the community is still felt to this day.


Hoffer, Richard. “Spurred to greatness.” Sports Illustrated , 14 May 2001, p.54.

This article discusses Tito Trinidad and the life he leads. It was written from the point of view of a biographer, trying to establish who Tito Trinidad the person (as opposed to the boxer) is. The article tries to dispel some commonly thought ideas about the boxer. The article shows how Tito is not concerns with money or prestige, but rather cares for the welfare of his countrymen and how he can help them.


Kennedy, Kostya. “Stopping the bleeding.” Sports Illustrated , 8 Jan 1996, p. 17.

This short article discusses a new law in Puerto Rico that takes care of Puerto Rican boxers that have suffered injuries that end their careers. The article discusses the first of such cases to be impacted by this law and how this type of law is important in the context of Puerto Rican society.


Menard, Valerie. “LATINO ALL-STARS: Hispanic athletes contribute to the community on a grand scale.” Hispanic Washington , Jul/Aug 1998, pg. 28.

This article discusses several Hispanic athletes and their significant contributions to Latino society in the United States . It discusses how early Latino athletes like Clemente have impacted later athletes in their own sports and in others. The article is well written and gives several examples of several important players and their contributions to their people.


Rodriguez, Roberto. “Before Consaco: Early History of Latinos in Baseball Full of Hits and Runs Around the Colorline.” Black Issues in Higher Education 13 (1996): 18.

This article discusses the issue of the race in major league baseball. It talks about the relatively lesser known Latino athletes that came around the time of Jackie Robinson who was the first African American to play in the MLB. There were several Latino athletes that paved the way for later all stars like Juan Gonzalez and Roberto Clemente, and it is important that their struggles are recognized.

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