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  • First atlas of the human ovary

    Jul 8, 2024

    A new “atlas” of the human ovary provides insights that could lead to treatments restoring ovarian hormone production and the ability to have biologically related children, according to University of Michigan engineers.

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  • Can We Really Teach Machines to Smell?

    Jul 1, 2024

    LSA’s Ambuj Tewari, professor of statistics, and his students are exploring the rapidly developing field of artificial intelligence with a new spin on humans’ oldest sense.

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  • Pop-Up Safety Town

    Jun 24, 2024

    The Pop-Up Safety Town Initiative was created by U‑M pediatrician Andy Hashikawa in 2017. Now part of the U‑M Concussion Center, it provides critical education on concussion prevention, pedestrian and medication safety and dog bite prevention to communities across the state.

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  • Too much screen time?

    Jun 17, 2024

    This year, U-M students and scholars launched an interprofessional course in partnership with sixth graders from Ann Arbor Public Schools to provide classroom and real-world engagement about digital wellness.

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  • Better battery manufacturing

    Jun 10, 2024

    Michigan Engineering researchers are discovering new recipes for batteries with help from automation at the Samsung Advanced Materials Lab. Using robotic arms and computers, the lab can synthesize up to 24 different battery materials every 72 hours, allowing the researchers to test around 224 recipes.

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  • ‘The Michigan’s’ mighty comeback

    Jun 3, 2024

    A new ESPN documentary from Jon Fish, BA ’95, documents the trajectory of Mike Legg’s heart-stopping play that secured the 1996 NCAA title for Red Berenson’s Wolverines. After fading into obscurity for nearly three decades, Legg’s move ‘the Michigan’ is back with a vengeance, changing the game at every level.

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  • U.P. Scholars Program makes U-M degree a reality

    May 27, 2024

    The the U.P. Scholars Program provides need-based scholarships for limited-income students. The program also provides social, academic and professional support. Scholars come from 12 of the 15 U.P. counties and 20 high schools.

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  • AI in the classroom

    May 20, 2024

    As higher education increasingly feels the impact of quickly developing generative artificial intelligence, U-M faculty members are working to determine how this new technology fits in to their teaching and research, and how it can best be used to help students learn most effectively.

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  • Filmmaker Roams the World for a Good Story

    May 13, 2024

    LSA alumna Maureen Gosling has led the life of an adventurous independent documentary filmmaker for the past 50 years. Her newest film features a Detroit-born singer and activist.

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  • Hail! Class of 2024

    May 4, 2024

    Spring Commencement speaker Brad Meltzer told University of Michigan graduates to draw upon the magic in their lives as they enter the world and continue to grow and transform into the best versions of themselves.

    Congratulations to all of the U-M students who earned their degrees this spring! Go Blue!

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  • Go Blue!

    May 4, 2024

    “Wherever you go, the best part is that Michigan never leaves you... You’ll spot that Block M on someone and you'll whisper, without even thinking, those magic words: Go Blue.” —Brad Meltzer

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  • Building with Origami

    Apr 29, 2024

    For the first time, load bearing structures like bridges and shelters can be made with origami modules—versatile components that can fold compactly and adapt into different shapes—University of Michigan engineers have demonstrated.

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  • Sustainable Mushrooms

    Apr 22, 2024

    U-M Sustainable Living Experience students are growing mushrooms on campus. This experience is giving the SLE students an understanding of not just sustainably grown foods, but of how food accessibility can be increased through mycology.

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  • U-M’s XR stage expands global education

    Apr 15, 2024

    Imagine being a U-M student or a learner anywhere in the world, logging on to an online course. Instead of seeing a talking head delivering a lecture, you see your instructor walking through ancient Cairo, in an operating room in Tokyo, or on a construction site in Rome. U-M's Center for Academic Innovation, can transport learners anywhere or any time in the world.

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  • Vision 2034

    Apr 8, 2024

    Our vision is to be the defining public university, boldly exemplified by our innovation and service to the common good. We will leverage our interdisciplinarity and excellence at scale to educate learners, advance society, and make groundbreaking discoveries to impact the greatest challenges facing humanity.

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  • Brilliant Detroit

    Apr 1, 2024

    Brilliant Detroit creates 'kid success' by providing early childhood education, family support, and food with 18 neighborhood hubs in Detroit, which partners with 160 organizations. Brilliant Detroit CEO Cindy Eggleton co-founded the organization in 2016 with University of Michigan alums Jim Bellinson and Carolyn Bellinson.

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  • Art or infrastructure? Depends on the climate

    Mar 25, 2024

    On a fall afternoon along Seattle’s Elliott Bay, Buster Simpson, MFA ’69, watched a woman photograph a child crawling on a public art installation he’d recently completed. It’s likely the woman and child had no idea Simpson’s “Migration Stage” serves a dual purpose: providing an area for creativity and play and protecting the bay’s seawall infrastructure.

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  • openVertebrate project

    Mar 18, 2024

    Natural history museums have entered a new stage of scientific discovery and accessibility with the completion of open Vertebrate (oVert), a five-year collaborative project among 18 institutions to create 3D reconstructions of vertebrate specimens and make them freely available online.

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  • Giving Blueday 2024: A decade of impact, driven by you

    Mar 13, 2024

    Today is Giving Blueday! Let’s make a difference for Michigan. Since 2014, our U-M community has joined together on this day to support scholarships, research, programs, student organizations, university initiatives, and more. Whether it’s your 10th Giving Blueday or your first, make your gift now to help shape the next 10 years!

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  • Detroit Neighborhood Entrepreneurs Project

    Mar 11, 2024

    The Detroit Neighborhood Entrepreneurs Project (DNEP) is a program that brings together small businesses with University of Michigan students, faculty and staff to solve business owners’ legal, financial, marketing, operational, and design challenges.

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  • Metal-free Magnets

    Mar 4, 2024

    Michigan Engineering researchers are looking to use magnetism to guide soft robots and for medical implants and devices. They developed a non-metallic 'squishy' magnet that is light enough to add to soft robotic components and powerful enough to guide using magnetic fields.

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  • The Campus that Never Was

    Feb 26, 2024

    As the University of Michigan creates a blueprint for the physical campus of 2050, a look back to 1838 reveals how a brilliant architect designed a "truly magnificent" setting for the young institution. It was never built.

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  • More dinosaurs headed to U-M Museum of Natural History

    Feb 19, 2024

    The University of Michigan Museum of Natural History is hosting a special exhibit on recent developments in dinosaur research. What were living, breathing dinosaurs really like? Just how big were they and how did they behave?

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  • Turning Passions into Classrooms

    Feb 12, 2024

    University of Michigan's M-ARC program offers a solution to the growing teacher shortage in Michigan, providing accessible teaching certifications. Two M-ARC graduates tell their stories of transformation into the teaching world.

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  • ‘Dolomite Problem’: 200-year-old geology mystery resolved

    Feb 5, 2024

    To build mountains from dolomite, a common mineral, it must periodically dissolve. This counter-intuitive lesson could help make new defect-free semiconductors and more.

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