• Inclusive Play

    While adaptive sports like powerchair football provide invaluable opportunities for children with mobility disabilities to participate in athletic events, these games are not designed for competitive play between kids with disabilities and those without. A media artist inspired by a young sports enthusiast with cerebral palsy is looking to change that.

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  • A World Without Ice

    This multisensory experience created by U-M SMTD professor Stephen Rush and SMTD and Residential College professor Michael Gould with visual artist Marion Tränkle and climate scientist Henry Pollack, is now on view at the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum through Jan. 5, 2020.

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  • What humans want in an automated car

    U-M researchers set out to examine how a person’s perception of safety in an autonomous vehicle was influenced by the degree to which the vehicle and the rider seemed to share certain “personality” traits.

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  • DESI opens its 5,000 eyes

    A new instrument mounted atop a telescope in Arizona aimed its robotic array of 5,000 fiber-optic “eyes” at the night sky to capture the first images showing its unique view of galaxy light.

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