• Science for Tomorrow program

    During the pandemic the education staff at the Museum of Natural History decided to bring hands-on science into the homes of students. Staff assembled more than 1,200 science kits with materials to conduct two experiments each. The kits, which met state curriculum objectives included safety glasses, beakers, thermometers, rulers, rubber gloves, and other elements needed for the experiments.

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  • Researchers trace path of light in photosynthesis

    Heliobacteria, a type of bacteria that uses photosynthesis to generate energy, has reaction centers thought to be similar to those of the common ancestors for all photosynthetic organisms. Now, a U-M team has determined the first steps in converting light into energy for this bacterium.

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  • Art Fair returns

    Like most annual events in the area, 2020 marked the first time in 61 years that the beloved Ann Arbor Art Fair was forced to cancel. Recently lifted restrictions, however, will allow for art lovers to once again fill the streets of Ann Arbor for the AAAF, which runs July 15–17.

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  • Bee movement and flower pollination

    Roads can be barriers to wildlife of all sorts, and scientists have studied road impacts on animals ranging from Florida panthers and grizzly bears to box turtles, mice, rattlesnakes and salamanders. But much less is known about the impact of roads on pollinating insects such as bees and to what extent these structures disrupt insect pollination.

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  • Maize & Blueprint — Current Campus Status
  • Creation of Equity, Civil Rights and Title IX Office announced

    U-M announced sweeping revisions to its approach to addressing sexual misconduct, including the creation of a new office with significant new resources for support, education and prevention, as well as new details on a process that will include the development of shared community values. The new multidisciplinary unit will house many of the critical functions around equity and civil rights work.

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Campus Maize & Blueprint

The University of Michigan’s comprehensive plan incorporates public health guidance, lessons learned from the fall and extensive feedback from our community. Many new safety measures and additional resources have been developed to protect and support our students, faculty and staff.

ResponsiBLUE App

  • All community members who enter U-M buildings or attend on-campus events are required to show their ResponsiBLUE daily symptom checker results. Students must also display their weekly testing status.

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Weekly Testing

  • U-M’s free weekly COVID-19 testing program is available for all students, faculty and staff on the Ann Arbor campus and meets the mandatory testing requirements for students on campus.

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  • All individuals over the age of 12 are now eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccination in Michigan. All members of the U-M community are strongly encouraged to self-report their vaccination information. Learn how to self-report or find a vaccination location.

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