• Theater for everyone

    A surprising collaboration between a U-M architect and an MSU playwright will offer a new sensory theater experience for children with autism.

    Learn more about their unique production

  • Maker trend could spur aging brains

    Makerspaces have the potential to jumpstart long-term care facility residents’ brains—to get them thinking and learning new things again, whether or not they participate by making something.

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  • Monarch butterflies

    Weeks before warming temperatures and longer days signal to the monarchs that it’s time to mate and begin spring’s northward migration, an internal timer goes off like an alarm clock to rouse the insects, telling them it’s time to end diapause and prepare for the critical upcoming events.

    Learn about this temperature-sensitive internal timer

  • Research aims to bring AI processing down from the cloud

    The first programmable memristor computer—not just a memristor array operated through an external computer—has been developed at the University of Michigan. It could lead to the processing of artificial intelligence directly on small, energy-constrained devices such as smartphones and sensors.

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