• Building curious machines

    Despite thousands of years of exploration, the vast majority of Earth’s oceans and lakes are uncharted and unknown to humans. A team led by U-M Robotics professor Katie Skinner is developing technology that will explore the seafloor much as a human would. It uses artificial intelligence to scour sonar data and quickly identify areas that warrant a closer look.

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  • Center for Complex Particle Systems

    To bring nature’s efficiency and flexibility to advanced materials and additive manufacturing, the University of Michigan will lead an international team of scientists, engineers and educators in a five-year, $30 million center funded by the National Science Foundation.

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  • Nearly zero-waste solution for construction

    The BioMatters team at the University of Michigan has developed a fully biodegradable, reusable and recyclable material to replace the wasteful concrete formwork traditionally used across the construction industry.

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  • Bridging cultures, empowering communities

    From the intricate tapestries of China and the untamed expanses of Mongolia to the vibrant streets of France and the heart of South Africa, University of Michigan students embarked on expeditions that defied borders and redefined cultural connections this summer.

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