• Pop-Up Safety Town

    The Pop-Up Safety Town Initiative was created by U‑M pediatrician Andy Hashikawa in 2017. Now part of the U‑M Concussion Center, it provides critical education on concussion prevention, pedestrian and medication safety and dog bite prevention to communities across the state.

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  • Too much screen time?

    This year, U-M students and scholars launched an interprofessional course in partnership with sixth graders from Ann Arbor Public Schools to provide classroom and real-world engagement about digital wellness.

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  • Better battery manufacturing

    Michigan Engineering researchers are discovering new recipes for batteries with help from automation at the Samsung Advanced Materials Lab. Using robotic arms and computers, the lab can synthesize up to 24 different battery materials every 72 hours, allowing the researchers to test around 224 recipes.

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  • ‘The Michigan’s’ mighty comeback

    A new ESPN documentary from Jon Fish, BA ’95, documents the trajectory of Mike Legg’s heart-stopping play that secured the 1996 NCAA title for Red Berenson’s Wolverines. After fading into obscurity for nearly three decades, Legg’s move ‘the Michigan’ is back with a vengeance, changing the game at every level.

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