With the theme “Unravel,” the 2019 MLK Symposium features dozens of events that call us to continue the work of the civil rights movement, which sought to remove the threads of segregation and inequality from the tapestry of American life.

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  • 3D printing 100 times faster with light

    Rather than building up plastic filaments layer by layer, a new approach to 3D printing lifts complex shapes from a vat of liquid at up to 100 times faster than conventional 3D printing processes, U-M researchers have shown.

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  • Healthy Schools

    Among the many things that years of teaching elementary school students has taught Cesar Reyes, is that kids sit too much during school and should move more. So when Reyes, a teacher at Detroit’s Munger Elementary-Middle School, was asked to try an in-class exercise program developed at U-M, he was all for it.

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  • Art of Winter Break

    Winter break is in full swing at U-M—and so are the arts! Check out a new exhibition, catch a performance or drop in for a guided tour at one of the many museums on campus that are open this holiday season.

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