• From garden to growth

    Raquel Garcia, executive director for Southwest Detroit Environmental Vision, said the long-standing relationship between U-M and SDEV has helped to support the garden through grants, plants from the Campus Farm and technical support.

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  • Cosmic Dust

    Professor Jim Cogswell’s adhesive vinyl installations have delighted the U‑M community and visitors to our campus for years. In 2022, Cogswell brings these explorations to international audiences in Athens, Greece and Santo Tirso, Portugal with two site-specific installations.

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  • Victors for Veterans

    Over the past decade, students and faculty from the U-M School of Dentistry have provided free dental care valued at about $1.7 million to more than 480 veterans throughout the state of Michigan. The Victors for Veterans clinics, or V4V, are providing a much-needed service because the military doesn't cover dental treatments for most veterans.

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  • Climate change

    Even relatively modest climate warming and associated precipitation shifts may dramatically alter Earth’s northernmost forests, which constitute one of the planet’s largest nearly intact forested ecosystems and are home to a big chunk of the planet’s terrestrial carbon.

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Campus Health Response

The University of Michigan has COVID-19 policies and guidance in place to support robust in-person experiences for our students, faculty and staff.

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