• What humans want in an automated car

    U-M researchers set out to examine how a person’s perception of safety in an autonomous vehicle was influenced by the degree to which the vehicle and the rider seemed to share certain “personality” traits.

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  • DESI opens its 5,000 eyes

    A new instrument mounted atop a telescope in Arizona aimed its robotic array of 5,000 fiber-optic “eyes” at the night sky to capture the first images showing its unique view of galaxy light.

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  • Music Time in Africa

    In September 2014, two U-M professors received a phone call that would set them on a race to save more than a half century of African music. In response, UMSI’s Paul Conway and LSA’s Kelly Askew teamed up to create a one-of-a-kind resource for scholars and music enthusiasts around the globe.

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  • Mind and body

    Before coming to the University of Michigan, Joseph Jackowski had always been fascinated with the human mind. After exiting the Marine Corps, Joseph decided to pursue this interest in the human mind and investigate what about our minds and ourselves is truly influencing these behaviors

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