• Welding plastic

    Making vehicle structures out of a combination of metals and plastics could make them dramatically lighter, stronger, safer and more environmentally friendly than the all-steel or all-aluminum approaches that dominate today. But how to quickly and cheaply join all those materials together has been a sticky problem. A University of Michigan lab is developing solutions.

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  • Live Coal

    Yvette Rock, who earned her Master of Fine Arts degree in painting from U-M in 1999, started the Live Coal Gallery in Detroit to provide a safe place for young artists to create and express their artistry to the world. Its mission is to transform lives and neighborhoods through art, community development and education.

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  • A Cabin in the Woods

    For more than a century, students have left messages on cabin walls at the U-M Biological Station. The graffiti serves as a rustic time capsule of a unique summertime experience many students say changed their lives and set the course for their careers in science and the environment.

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  • Bigger flowers, greater rewards

    There’s been a well-documented shift toward earlier springtime flowering in many plants as the world warms. The trend alarms biologists because it has the potential to disrupt carefully choreographed interactions between plants and the creatures—butterflies, bees, birds, bats and others—that pollinate them.

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