• Sustainable Mushrooms

    U-M Sustainable Living Experience students are growing mushrooms on campus. This experience is giving the SLE students an understanding of not just sustainably grown foods, but of how food accessibility can be increased through mycology.

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  • U-M’s XR stage expands global education

    Imagine being a U-M student or a learner anywhere in the world, logging on to an online course. Instead of seeing a talking head delivering a lecture, you see your instructor walking through ancient Cairo, in an operating room in Tokyo, or on a construction site in Rome. U-M's Center for Academic Innovation, can transport learners anywhere or any time in the world.

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  • Vision 2034

    Our vision is to be the defining public university, boldly exemplified by our innovation and service to the common good. We will leverage our interdisciplinarity and excellence at scale to educate learners, advance society, and make groundbreaking discoveries to impact the greatest challenges facing humanity.

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  • Brilliant Detroit

    Brilliant Detroit creates 'kid success' by providing early childhood education, family support, and food with 18 neighborhood hubs in Detroit, which partners with 160 organizations. Brilliant Detroit CEO Cindy Eggleton co-founded the organization in 2016 with University of Michigan alums Jim Bellinson and Carolyn Bellinson.

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