• Cyber vulnerability

    A new attack discovered by the University of Michigan and NASA exploits a trusted network technology to create unexpected and potentially catastrophic behavior. The technology is widely used in critical infrastructures such as spacecraft, aircraft, energy generation systems and industrial control systems.

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  • Healthy schools

    Project Healthy Schools is a community and U-M collaboration designed to reduce childhood obesity and improve the current and future health of Michigan's youth.

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  • Management as a calling

    University of Michigan Ross professor, Andy Hoffman, recently took a cohort of business students to U-M’s Biological Station on Douglas Lake in Northern Michigan. The goal for the lakeside retreat: to remove distractions, encourage reflection, and embrace a moral compass to explore professions that promote commerce and serve society.

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  • Leadership address

    At his first Leadership Welcome, President Santa J. Ono shared details about the strategic vision that will define the first few years of his presidency. He outlined transformative initiatives ranging from efforts to amplify U-M’s research and scholarship activity to new opportunities for staff development; and from new sustainability developments to socially conscious investing.

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Campus Health Response

The University of Michigan has COVID-19 policies and guidance in place to support robust in-person experiences for our students, faculty and staff.

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