• Elephants: Earth’s giant climate change canaries

    U-M paleontologist Bill Sanders has devoted his 40-year research career to tracking 60 million years of Afro-Arabian proboscidean—elephants and their ordinal relatives—evolution. In a recent project, he has traced the earliest signs of proboscideans in the fossil record, up until our modern elephants.

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  • A New Generation of Scientists

    U-M alum and UT professor Kate Biberdorf, aka “Kate the Chemist,” sets fire to stereotypes. “Once I started learning chemistry, I could find the answers to all my questions somehow. I look around and everything I see has chemistry in it.”

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  • Concussion care

    The University of Michigan Concussion Center has partnered with the Michigan High School Athletics Association to ensure that every coach, parent and athlete knows how to properly prevent and treat concussions. This effort currently reaches more than 750 high schools across the state of Michigan.

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  • Student veteran

    When Olubukola Akinbami was evaluating colleges, she sought an option that had benefits like a good program for veterans, a solid presence of veterans on campus, and cognitive science – her preferred area of study – available as a major. The University of Michigan checked these boxes.

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