• More dinosaurs headed to U-M Museum of Natural History

    The University of Michigan Museum of Natural History is hosting a special exhibit on recent developments in dinosaur research. What were living, breathing dinosaurs really like? Just how big were they and how did they behave?

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  • Turning Passions into Classrooms

    University of Michigan's M-ARC program offers a solution to the growing teacher shortage in Michigan, providing accessible teaching certifications. Two M-ARC graduates tell their stories of transformation into the teaching world.

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  • ‘Dolomite Problem’: 200-year-old geology mystery resolved

    To build mountains from dolomite, a common mineral, it must periodically dissolve. This counter-intuitive lesson could help make new defect-free semiconductors and more.

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  • The Writing Life

    Lillian Li, Gerardo Sámano Córdova and Darrel Alejandro Holnes are three U-M alumni who have found harmony between the writing life and day jobs. How do they do it?

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