The Extent and Nature of Gambling Among College Student Athletes


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o Executive Summary
o Introduction
o Review of the Literature
o Methodology
o Results
o Discussion
o Conclusion
o Bibliography
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We extend our appreciation to Tom Goss, Director of Athletics, and Derrick Gragg, Assistant Athletic Director, Compliance, for making this research possible. We recognize the willingness of the Michigan Department of Athletics to fund this research.

We are deeply indebted to our research assistants Erin Hendrick, Brian Kristofic, Matt Barrett, and Sara Huh for all of their hard work on this project, and without whom this research would not have occurred.

We would also like to thank Patricia A. Wren, Jennifer J. Cross, Dr. Mike Stevenson, Bruce Madej, Phillip Hughes, Dr. Laura A. Elenich, Dr. J. Douglas Toma, Karen Zaruba, Dr. Andrew Zimbalist, Steve Burns, Steve King, Kenneth Taylor, Lee Evilsizer, and Bill Saum for their many and varied contributions.

We thank our participants for responding candidly to this sensitive topic.


Table of Contents | Executive Summary | Introduction | Review of the Literature | Methodology | Results
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