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Clips from "It’s just not worth it." 

Dion Lee explains The scope of gambling and point shaving.

vidsm.gif (570 bytes)Dion Lee: "It can happen anywhere……happen to you"

Dion Lee’s reflects on his thoughts during the early stages of the point shaving setup.

vidsm.gif (570 bytes)Dion Lee: "I wasn’t really….the consequences."

Dion Lee’s theory as to why someone might get involved in point shaving.

vidsm.gif (570 bytes)"Kids are not….right or wrong."

Clips from "Don’t Bet On It"

vidsm.gif (570 bytes)Michael Franzese gives reasons why organized crime is in the gambling business.

vidsm.gif (570 bytes)Michael Franzese "Organized crime loves this….it’s all they think about.

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