• Tiny brains, big surprise

    Paper wasps eavesdrop on fighting rivals to rapidly assess potential opponents without personal risk. This new finding adds to mounting evidence that even mini-brained insects have an impressive capacity to learn, remember and make social deductions about others.

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  • A virtual visit to the museum

    With doors still closed, University of Michigan’s three major museums both prepare for the future and continue to engage visitors “at home.”

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  • Our plans for Fall

    U-M will offer a mixture of in-person and remote classes structured to reflect our commitment to promoting public health while fulfilling our fundamental mission of transformative education. Campus Maize & Blueprint

    View our Campus Maize & Blueprint

  • Gyroscope for navigating without GPS

    A small, inexpensive and highly accurate gyroscope, developed at the University of Michigan, could help drones and autonomous cars stay on track without a GPS signal.

    Learn how this gyroscope was developed in the Lurie Nanofabrication Facility

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