• American Rhapsody

    Inspired by the current politically divisive moment in our nation’s history, Aaron Dworkin explores the complexity of our founders in a new spoken word orchestral work. The work incorporates the writing and speeches of George Washington with 19th-century composer Samuel Coleridge-Taylor’s “Symphonic Variations on an African Air” to explore themes of race, society and human nature.

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  • Making their way

    Woodworking equipment whirs as teens turn out the latest in creations and consumer products that have come from years of making things at the Brightmoor Maker Space in Detroit.

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  • Madelon’s World

    When she broke the gender barrier at U-M in 1870, Madelon Stockwell was alone. She lived her life much the same way.

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  • Rare Native American photographs

    The new collection, which comes from noted collector Richard Pohrt Jr., will add more than 1,000 images by more than 150 photographers to the library’s renowned archive of early American history. Taken primarily between 1860 and 1920, the vintage prints—many of which come from the original negatives on the original photographers’ mounts—feature more than 70 different First Nations.

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