• It takes a village

    Veteran graduate student Steve Smith is no stranger to hard work, determination, and going the extra mile. Smith is unabashed in his acknowledgement of how others have influenced him and adamant they be given credit for all they’ve done: “I have not done any of this on my own.”

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  • Strike up the band

    The U-M School of Music, Theatre and Dance has been a national leader in music education for more than 70 years—today, their alumni can be found at the helm of more than 400 elementary, middle and high school classrooms across the state of Michigan.

    Meet six of those teachers

  • Hail-oween Hauntings

    The Michigan campus has provided the perfect setting for mystery writers and their horror stories. Find out what happened when writers conjured terror on eerily familiar terrain, each reflecting the mores of life at U-M in a different decade.

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  • The Bright Future of Breast Cancer Research

    When are we going to cure cancer? More treatment options, targeted therapies and an understanding of when less is more have improved breast cancer outcomes in recent years. But more work remains.

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