Research Symposium

A poster symposium open to all undergraduate students at the University of Michigan.

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General Wokshops

Guidance on the nature of research on campus and how to get involved.

  • Addressing potential misconceptions
  • Routes to involvement

Abstract Workshops

To help students understand both the use and importance of abstract writing

  • What is an abstract?
  • Abstract writing techniques

Poster Workshops

Learn necessary skills requied to successfully present at a research symposium

  • Key presentation skills
  • Building a research poster

Undergraduate Research Symposium

An opportunity for undergraduate researchers to:

  • Showcase their work to peers and faculty members through poster presentations
  • Win travel awards that support costs associated with attending research conferences

An opportunity for graduate students, post-docs, faculty to:

  • Build professional skills through judging an undergraduate symposium
  • Gain exposure to multidisciplinary, campus-wide undergraduate research

Sample Poster Templates

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