Closing 2019 Season

April 28th, 2019

Hey there Wolverines! After the conclusion of our season at Purdue University, we voted on 2020 Executive Board positions and Team Awards. The 2020 Executive Board has been posted to the website and our Team Awards are listed below.

2019 Team Awards

Team MVP: Nolan Vaughn

Most Improved: Matthew Ferrari

Rookie of the Year: Zach Burns

Most Dedicated: Andrew Golin

2019 Season Update

November 5th, 2019

We started practices in late August, working hard on our conditioning and fundamentals into the month of September. The weekend of September 20th, we travelled to East Lansing to take on Michigan State and Ohio State in the Spartan Invite preseason tune-up tournament. We lost to Michigan State in overtime, 10-9, and were defeated by the Buckeyes in a close one, 12-9

In the weeks that followed, our season took a dramatic turn. A parasitic outbreak at Canham Natatorium sidelined our team for over three weeks. During this time, we were unable to practice and were not allowed to travel to both the Big Ten east regional tournament at Michigan State and the Big Ten crossover tournament at Indiana due to concerns over cross-contamination, making our regular season record 0-0. We unfortunately were unable to host the Big Ten championship tournament at Canham as was originally scheduled due to this public health crisis.

After our team was medically cleared, we travelled to Purdue University for the Big Ten championship tournament, where we were seeded fourth. We defeated Illinois in the first round, 13-5. In the semifinals, despite not having practiced in three weeks, we forced the number-one seed Michigan State to double overtime before eventually losing, 9-8. We finished the third place game with a 16-4 win over Wisconsin and thus concluded our season.

Unfortunately, this marked our first season in five years that did not end with a Big Ten Championship. However, our boys showed a tremendous amount of grit and determination in what was truly a valiant effort. We plan on competing in several invitational tournaments this offseason, and will be even more hungry next year.

We would like to thank our fans for their support all season and send our seniors a thank you for all of their hard work over the past 4 seasons. Although this is a minor setback, one thing that we can say with confidence is that we will be back.

Go Blue!

Offseason Updates and Results!

April 28th, 2019

Hey there, Wolverines! It's been a while since our last update and even though finals are among us, a lot has happened since the end of last season!

We placed 8th at Nationals last fall in sunny Tuscon, Arizona! Results from the tournament are in our Results page.

This past winter, we competed at two offseason tournaments: the Wolverine Water Polo Masters Tournament in Ann Arbor and the Notre Dame Tournament in South Bend, Indiana. They were both a blast and we grew a lot together as a team!

Our 2019 Executive Board has been elected, take a look underneath the Exec Board page. Congratulations to all of them!

We also had several Wolverines honored by the CWPA with All-Conference and All-American recognition for the 2018 season, as well as recognition from the team:

2018 Team Awards

Team MVP: David Newberger (Senior)

Most Improved: Seth Wisotsky (Senior)

Rookie of the Year: Sid Murthy (Freshman)

2018 CWPA All-Big Ten Conference: Scott Fordham (1st Team, MVP!), Sid Murthy (1st Team), Nolan Vaughn (1st Team), Ilya Kovalenko (2nd Team), Tom McLeod (2nd Team)

2018 CWPA All-America: Scott Fordham (1st Team), Ilya Kovalenko (Honorable Mention)

We would also like to thank and congratulate our upcoming graduates! We wish you guys the best in your future endeavors in life and appreciate everything you have done for Michigan Men's Water Polo.

As always, Go Blue and see you next fall!

2018 CWPA Big Ten Champions

October 28th, 2018

Our months of preparation finally paid off, as we emerge the victors of the 2018 CWPA Big Ten Championships! We are thrilled to get back in the water and continue training in anticipation of Nationals at the University of Arizona in two weeks.

Big thank you to all the parents, alumni, and fans that came through to support us this weekend. Go Blue, forever and always.

Look out for pictures from the tournament, they should be uploaded to our Photo Gallery shortly. It can be found in the About Us section of the website.

2018 Season Has Begun

August 27th, 2018

Aaaaaand just like that we're back and our season is underway!

The 2017 season results have been archived and we have updated our schedule accordingly. As per usual our practices will be held from 9:00-11:00PM Monday - Thursday at Canham Natatorium with the exception of Aug 27 - Aug 30 during which they will be held from 6:30-8:30PM

We are thrilled to announce that we are hosting the Big Ten Championships on 10/27/2018 and 10/28/2018. That's right folks book your tickets ASAP because we are anticipating max-capacity.

2018 Team Update

May 14th, 2018

It's been a while since we've posted an article on the website, a lot has happened since the 2017 Big Ten Championship!

We placed 7th at Nationals! Scores and schedule can be found at the Results section of the website.

The team awards from 2017 are as follows:

Most Valuable Player - Daniel Wu

Most Improved Player - Connor Hallman

Rookie of the Year - Scott Fordham

We are excited to announce that we have elected a new Exec Board for 2018! Find them at the Exec Board section of the website.

We played two offseason tournaments, one hosted by Wolverine Water Polo, in our own hometown, and one hosted by UNC, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. They were both a ton of fun and we learned a lot!

We are looking forward to the 2018 season and preparing ourselves for the oppurtunity to defend our Big Ten Title. In conjunction with that, we have redevoloped the website to better accodomate you, our users and our fans, with increased readability and content. We have also started a photo gallery and archive, which can be found on the About Us section of our website which we hope will grow into a robust source of team information and history. As always, contact us with any team inquiries at the Contact Us section of the webisite, and Go Blue!


2019 Roster

Name Year Height Weight Hometown Major
Matt Ferrari Freshman 6'4" 195 Fairfax, VA Computer Science, Industrial and Operations Engineering
Zach Burns Freshman 6'4" 185 Rockford, MI Philosophy, Political Science, and Economics
Baylor Wiggins Freshman 6'3" 170 Ashland, OR Biology
Thor Clarke Freshman 5'9" 160 Ann Arbor, MI Engineering
Alex Attisha Sophomore 6'2" 180 San Diego, CA Interdisciplinary Physics, Economics
Andrew Golin Sophomore 5'10" 155 Dexter, MI Biomedical Engineering
Federico Benazzo Sophomore 5'9" 165 Pavia, Italy Aerospace Engineering
Arya Kale Sophomore 5'10" 160 Okemos, MI Biomolecular Science, Spanish
Dan Rusca Sophomore 5'10" 175 Chicago, IL Computer Science
Maverick Becker Sophomore 5'10" 165 La Jolla, CA Economics
Cameron Serr Sophomore 5'11" 185 Ann Arbor, MI Computer Science
Brendan Chang Sophomore 5'11" 200 Glenview, IL Computer Science
Adam Schnepf Sophomore 5'11" 195 Okemos, MI Undecided
Diego Sanchez-Burks Sophomore 6'1" 165 Ann Arbor, MI Undecided
Christopher Lobdell Sophomore 6'3" 180 Portola Valley, CA Undecided
Alex Kaipainen Sophomore 6'3" 180 Ann Arbor, MI Computer Science, Physics
Sid Murthy Sophomore 6'4" 195 Okemos, MI Computer Science
Matthew McGuinness McCormack Junior 5'10" 165 Ann Arbor, MI Psychology
Nolan Vaughn Junior 6'0" 160 Naperville, IL Computer Science
Daniel Zacks Junior 6'0" 175 Ann Arbor, MI Computer Science
Aaron Crane Junior 6'5" 185 Ann Arbor, MI Biology
Cade Bosch Junior 6'2" 185 Los Angeles, CA Economics
Stefan Kassem Junior 6'0" 165 Princeton, NJ Economics
Zach Gusho Junior 6'2" 185 Birmingham, MI Computer Science
Scott Fordham Junior 6'3" 175 Los Angeles, CA Ecology
Court Middleton Junior 6'4" 190 Ann Arbor, MI Computer Science
Mason Devarti Senior 5'10" 165 Ann Arbor, MI Economics
Zach Gan Senior 5'10" 165 Kensington, MD Political Science, Spanish
Chris Seger Senior 6'0" 210 Cincinnati, OH Mathematics, Economics
Justin Poliner Senior 6'0" 180 Ann Arbor, MI Business
David Kamper Senior 6'3" 200 Duluth, MN Neuroscience, Philosophy, Cognitive Science, Trombone Performance
Matthew Reiser Graduate Student 5'8" 155 Napa, CA Law
Davis Argersinger Graduate Student 6'0" 175 Ann Arbor, MI Medicine
Ilya Kovalenko Graduate Student 6'1" 210 Martinez, GA Mechanical Engineering

2019 Schedule

Big Ten Tournament at Michigan State University 10/12/2019-10/13/2019
Score Result
University of Michigan vs.Northwestern University
University of Michigan vs.Ohio State University
University of Michigan vs.Purdue University
University of Michigan vs.Michigan State University
Big Ten Tournament at Indiana University 10/19/2019-10/20/2019
Score Result
University of Michigan vs. University of Wisconsin
University of Michigan vs. Indiana University
University of Michigan vs. University of Illinois
University of Michigan vs. University of Iowa
Big Ten Championship at Purdue University 11/2/2019-11/3/2019
Score Result
University of Michigan vs.University of Illinois 13-5 W
University of Michigan vs.Michigan State University 8-9 L (OT)
University of Michigan vs.University of Wisconsin 16-4 W
National Championships at University of Pittsburgh 11/15/2019-11/16/2019
Score Result
University of Michigan vs.TBD
University of Michigan vs.TBD
University of Michigan vs.TBD
University of Michigan vs.TBD

2020 Executive Board

President Andrew Golin
Vice President Dan Rusca
Treasurer Brendan Chang
Captains Chris Lobdell
Nolan Vaughn
Scott Fordham
Daniel Zacks
Fundraising Chair Adam Schnepf
Travel Coordinator Maverick Becker
Website Managers Matthew Ferrari
Sid Murthy
Nolan Vaughn
Alex Kaipainen
Alumni Relations Chair Court Middleton
Community Service Chairs Scott Fordham
Arya Kale
Social Chairs Sid Murthy
Stefan Kassem
Zach Burns
Arya Kale


The Men’s Club Water Polo team provides student athletes a tight-knit community in which they are able to continue playing a sport they love while also growing as individuals and a team. Our organization provides opportunities for members to develop skills such as communication, leadership, and teamwork as the group competes for Big Ten and national championships. Men’s Club Water Polo is also committed to establishing community involvement with local high schools and giving back through volunteering. To accomplish our team goals players practice four nights a week, compete in tournaments, and volunteer with local charities and work with local high school teams. Our organization works to organize and host invitational and Big Ten Conference water polo tournaments bringing in teams from around the country to compete.

In order to make our largely student funded organization possible, the Men’s Club Water Polo team relies greatly on the generosity of donors. Donations of money, food, equipment, and transportation make travel and lodging at tournaments possible and allow the team to compete in Big Ten and CWPA play. Monetary and non-monetary contributions are tax-deductible and are greatly appreciated.

If you would like to make a monetary donation contributions can be made through the Men’s Club Water Polo online giving page here.

If you would like to make a non-monetary donation please contact us.

Thank you for your generous support!

Adam Schnepf,
Fundraising Chair

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During the regular season we practice from 9-11PM Mon-Thurs at Canham Natatorium. Contact us if you are interested in joining the team!

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