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The Semester in Detroit Student Planning Team is divided into five different planning teams:

Alumni Outreach

The alumni outreach team seeks to connect and re-connect with Michigan Alumni who are interested in the creation and sustainability of the Semester in Detroit Program. We organize and hold meetings with different chapters of Alumni groups to solicit ideas and build support for the SiD program. We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from alumni and are looking for alumni involvement.

Community Outreach

The community outreach team works with Ginsberg Center staff and community organizations in Detroit to develop internship project ideas and logistics, as well as the details and vision of home stays.  We try to serve as the link between the University of Michigan and community organizations in Detroit.

Faculty Outreach

The faculty team is working to collaborate between various UM departments, schools, and colleges. We plan synergy meetings within faculty units, give presentations to academic departments and act as a liaison between University deans and faculty.

Student Outreach

Student Outreach works to build student interest in the planning team and the Semester in Detroit program itself -- planning informational meetings, flyering and tabling to attract new members, but also organizing outings to the city called Detroit Days and other programs to continue building momentum.


The marketing team promotes Semester in Detroit and our events by creating flyers, quarter sheets, Diag boards, posters, t-shirts and other publicity materials.   The marketing team is dedicated to promoting Semester in Detroit to a diverse pool of students.

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