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Incident of the week

Introduction:Below are all of the Incident of the Week reports that have been selected and circulated by the AIChE U of M chapter in their newsletter at their weekly luncheons.

Related courses: Heat and Mass Transfer

This incident explores the hazards of brining flammable liquids into a confined space.

Related courses: Operator Error

While workers performed maintenance on the refinery’s alkylation unit, sulfuric acid spilled from a sampling station due to insufficient tightening of a piece of equipment which caused burns to the workers.

Related courses: Reactions

This accident covers the inadvertent mixing of two chemicals in the acid sewer of the company causing a formation of toxic hydrogen sulfide gas which poisoned the workers.

Related courses: Thermodynamics, Fluid, Heat and Mass Transfer

The incident explores how weak process safety management system failed to protect the reboiler when introduceing heat to it leading to boiling liquid and vapor causing the explosion.

Related courses: Fluids

This accident covers how hydraulic shock caused a pipe to fail releasing an excessive amount of anhydrous ammonia.

Related courses: Reactions, Heat and Mass Transfer

This incident covers the unsafe disposal of fireworks and how dangerous it can be when not done properly.

Related courses: Separations

This article explores how the flooding of a zinc distillation column failed under pressure and released zinc vapor into the air which caused on explosion.

Related courses: Separations

This accident entails a transfer hose connected to a railroad tanker full of chlorine bursting and leaking toxic chlorine into the local community.

Related courses: Material and Energy Balances, Fluids

This report covers the mass contamination of drinking water in Charleston, WV due to a failed storage tank containing Methylcyclohexanemethanol mixed with propylene glycol phenyl ethers.

Related courses: Heat and Mass Transfer, Reactions

This article explores how the overheating of a pump caused a decomposing reaction of nitrous oxide causing the explosion.

Refinery Fire at ExxonMobil
2018 January 11th

Related courses: Reactions, Heat and Mass Transfer

This incident is about maintenance work being being performed on Exxon’s sulfuric acid alkylation unit while a valve failed and released isobutane which ignited a large fire.

Related courses: Reactions

This incident covers a release of a toxic cloud of chlorine gas over Atchison, Kansas due to the inadvertent mixing of chemicals while they were being unloaded.

Seveso Disaster
2017 November 30th

Related courses: Controls, Reactions

This incident explores a chemical release in Seveso, Italy that left lasting health and environmental problems

Flixborough Disaster
2017 November 11th

Related courses: Fluids

This accident explores the disastrous accident at a chemical plant in Flixborough, England

Related courses: Heat & Mass Transfer

This article covers a deadly explosion at the site of the world's largest chemical producers.

Tosoh Accident in Japan
2017 October 19th

Related courses: Rections, Thermodynamics, Heat & Mass Transfer

This article explores an explosion in an HCI tower in Japan.

Related courses: Reactions

This articles discusses a series of flash fires in a facility in Tennessee.

ARCO Channelview Explosion
2017 October 5th

Related courses: Reactions

This article covers an explosion at the ARCO chemical plant in Texas

Related courses: Reactions, Heat & Mass Transfer

This article discusses an Ammonium Nitrate explosion at a fertilizer plant.

Related courses: Controls

This article explores an explosion at Formosa Plastics Corporation

Related courses: Thermodynamics, Heat & Mass Transfer

This article will cover the explosion at the Partridge-Releigh oilfield in Mississippi