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Shkodedaabanens gii Shkitood (The Little Engine That Could)

Story by Watty Piper. Translation by Francis Fox and Howard Kimewon.

The following story is available for you to download and print for reading in Anishinaabemowin.

You can also download the mp3 file of the story being read to practice your speaking or listen to it here.

Little Engines
Tkweshkwig shkodedaabanens gii shkitood.
Meet the little engine that could.

Maampii bi jibizo miskozi -shkodedaabanens.
Here comes the red little engine.

Maampii bi ji-bizo odamnowaganag.
Here come dolls.

Maampii bi ji-bizo odamnowansan.
Here come toys.

Kchi-bizo, kchi-bizo, kchi-bizo . . .
Chug along, chug along, chug along . . .

They go in.

Zagapswaa, zagapswaa, zagapswaa. . .
Puffing smoke, puffing smoke, puffing smoke. . .

Maampii zaagewebizowag.
Here they come from behind the hill.

Gdaki' ebizowag.
They go up the hill

Aashiish-maajii! Shtaa ta haa!
Oh no! (the girls would say) Oh no! (the boys would say)

Shkodedaabanens baataashin noongwa.
The train is stuck now.

Maampii bi ji-bizo kchi- shkodedaaban.
Here comes a big train.

Daa naadamaw ina?
Will he help?

Kaa! Zaam damtaa.
No! Because he's busy.

Maampii bi jibizo gete-shkodedaaban.
Here comes an old train.

Daa naadamaw ina?
Will he help?

Kaa! Gaye shkitosii. Zaam gikaa.
No! He can't. Because he's too old.

Maampii bi ji-bizod giizawaanzo miinwa giizhigowaanzo shkodedaabanens.
Here comes a maize (yellow) and blue little train.

Daa naadamaw ina?
Will she help?

Enh! Egaachiinh, daa gojitoon igo.
Yes! Small will try
She's small but she'll try.

N'daa shkitoon igo enendamoyaanh. N'daa shkitoon igo enendamoyaanh.
I can I think. I can I think.

Kchi-bizo, kchi-bizo, kchi-bizo...
Chug along, chug along, chug along...

N'daa shkitoon igo enendamyaanh. N'daa shkitoon igo enendamyaanh.
I can I think. I can I think.

Zagapswaa, zagapswaa, zagapswaa...
Puffing smoke, puffing smoke, puffing smoke...

Shpeming aayaad!
The top she's at!

Hoowah! Niishin! Giizawaanzo miinwa giizhigowaanzo shkodedaabanens!
Hurray! Good! The maize (yellow) and blue little train!
Hurray for the little blue engine!
Dibaajimowinan (Stories)
The Little Engine That Could

(The Little Engine That Could)

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