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Music of American Indians at Emerson School

On May 10, 2012 the grade 2-5 students of Emerson Elementary School in Ann Arbor performed a program on Music of the American Indians. The show was directed by General Music Teacher, Judith Barthwell and presented by the classes of Sue Addy, Rob Bauman, Marchell Burgess, Joyce Gerber, Jennifer Kime, Connie Weber and the Emerson 4-5 Chorus.

One of the songs that the children performed was Shkaakaamikwe (Mother Earth). Here is a recording of the students singing:

Another song was one that the students created themselves with the help of Margaret Noori using a method taught by the local women's hand drum group, Miskwaasining Nagamojig (Swamp Singers). You can learn more about that method from a handout the Singers created for a conference. The title of the song they created is G'maatookimi (translation?). Here is a recording of the students singing:

Giishpin gwa pane anishinaabemoying...Ingoding gwa giishigag kina kaa Anishinaabemowin. If we all speak day everyone will speak Anishinaabemowin
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