Who We Are

Benjamin Parker Bass

This quixotic youth is always up to no good. Whether filling in as a body double for the Idaho Ambassador to Moldova or accidentally putting himself up for auction in a black market human livestock bazaar, he always seems to be getting drawn into some new, wacky adventure. He got involved in the News Bias Exploration after being misquoted by a now defunct online newspaper. On the subject, he was often heard to remark, “I just want to create awareness so everyone out there who loves their monkey butler doesn’t get portrayed as loving their monkey butler.” He is currently on hiatus and his exact whereabouts are unknown. He was last sighted searching for the meaning of life at the bottom of a bottle of Hawaiian Punch Syrup.

Ian Fette

Ian hopes to have his B.S.E. in Computer Science Engineering by December 2004. Outside of school, Ian enjoys programming, well-formed HTML, anime, community service, politics, and cats. It is Ian's hope to go on to law school after getting his B.S.E. for a degree in international law.

The project’s technological guru, Ian is the purported love child of Boba Fett(e) and Carrie Fisher. He has admitted to often thinking in binary, dreaming of zeroes and ones living together in harmony in a utopian cradle of cascading style sheets. Besides running the acclaimed local organization, Animania, his efforts have relentlessly gone towards promoting an international ban on Flash and any documents corrupted by said “scourge of web usability and all things sacred.” Despite his susceptibility to headaches and ulcers in the face of group disputes, he continues to be our moral compass. His dedication is rivaled only by his passion for defending the amicability of the German people.

Paul Mans

Paul Mans is an undergraduate student currently enrolled at the U of M in the school of Literature, Science and the Arts. Originally from Palo Alto California, Paul enjoys reading, sunny days, and shaping pots in the ceramics studio.

Monica Seth

Monica Seth is currently a Senior, majoring in English at the University of Michigan. She plans to work somewhere in the Healthcare field and not utilize her English degree at all. The members of the News Bias web design team often refer to her as "perfect," and since she has found no real reason to reject this title she claims it proudly. In her spare time she enjoys watching television, doing community service, reading anything she can get her hands on, and beating up anyone who disagrees with her.

Jim Sullivan

After many years as a computer professional, Jim decided he needed to stretch himself in new ways by returning to school. He is primarily interested in exploring ways computer technology can be better used in classrooms. He hopes to apply what he’s learned in this class to that pursuit. When not working or studying Jim engages in his favorite pastime, playing with his two kids, Mara and Liam

Paul Washburn

Paul Washburn, when not predisposed by his gloomy demeanor, enjoys reading fiction, playing hockey, and teaching others that writing can play an important role in their lives. Paul is currently completing his Masters Degree in English and Education at the University of Michigan, and plans to take his experience to the ends of the earth teaching whatever he can, wherever he can. He is proud to be part of the University of Michigan News Bias fiasco, and even though he always has a negative outlook, seems confident that the fiasco will soon be a fiesta.

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