Meet the Team

2016-2017 Executive Board

Team Captain Francisco Kulyckyj

Francisco is a Senior in Aerospace Engineering and also doing a Multidisciplinary Design Program minor. He was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and lived in Florida, Venezuela and now Michigan for the last 9 years. Francisco is a soccer fanatic, and every Sunday he watches his favorite Argentine soccer team play on TV. This is his fourth year on M-Fly and his first year as team captain. Previously he was the Aerodynamics Lead and construction manager for the Regular Class aircraft. He loves the sense of togetherness and friendship that the team fosters and is excited to take on the challenges of the coming year. On the occasion the school year provides some free time he enjoys player soccer, cooking, reading, traveling and hanging out with friends.

Operations Director Zachary Meves

Zach is a senior studying Aerospace Engineering with interests in dynamics, control, and computational methods. Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Zach grew up in NASA's shadow and has wanted to become an aerospace engineer for as long as he can remember. Last year he was one of M-Fly's Advanced Class Structures Leads, and this summer he interned at Boeing Commercial Airplanes working on structural optimization of composites. Zach is a huge hockey fan and can often be found wearing a maize and blue Darth Vader helmet at Michigan home games; also of note, his Cajun-style fried chicken is famous across campus.

Advanced Class Chief Engineer Beldon Lin

Beldon is a junior who left the warm weather of Atlanta, GA to study both Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Physics in the cold and dark place that is Michigan. He has yet to decide whether to focus on air or space, so in the meantime is dabbling in both, spending his summer working with the Plasmadynamics and Electric Propulsion Lab. His primary interests are in aircraft/spacecraft design, computational sciences, and applied mathematics. He spends his free time swimming, reading, and watching baseball.

Regular Class Chief Engineer Aaron Lu

Aaron is a junior from Novi, MI, who is studying Aerospace Engineering and pursuing a minor in Electrical Engineering. This is his third year on the team; his first year with M-Fly was spent on the Research and Development Team, and his second was spent as the Construction Manager. As the Regular Class Chief Engineer he is excited to tackle the challenge of another competition and improve on last year's excellent finish. In his free time, he enjoys reading, running, playing sports, and just generally being outdoors.

Construction Manager Nicole Gallant

Nicole is a junior from Midland, MI, studying aerospace engineering. This is her second year on M-Fly; her first year was spent working with the aerodynamics subteam as well as logging many hours in the shop during build season. She enjoys the camaraderie of the M-Fly team and loves seeing how team members tackle the obstacles of designing, building and testing a successful aircraft. Any free time she finds is spent at the barn with her horse, Pete.

2016-2017 Leadership Board

Advanced Class Aerodynamics Lead Michael Mazzie

Michael is a junior from Park Ridge, New Jersey majoring in Aerospace Engineering with a minor in Computer Science. He is excited to be the advanced class lead for the same subteam he was primarily involved with his sophomore year. Michael enjoys the excitement that comes with the ups-and-downs of design team work alongside his friends. This summer he's interning at MD Helicopters in Mesa, Arizona. If he had more time, Michael would like to pick up skateboarding again and go snowboarding more often, as well as begin getting his Private Pilot's license.

Regular Class Aerodynamics Lead Saif Jamal

Saif is junior from Teaneck, New Jersey majoring in Aerospace Engineering and also planning to pursue a Multidisciplinary Design Minor. This is his second year on the team involved in Aerodynamics. He enjoys seeing the process of an idea evolving through many steps to eventually become an aircraft. In his free time, he enjoys Flight Simulation and running cross country with friends.

Advanced Class Structures Lead Matthew Waldmann

Matt is a junior in Mechanical Engineering, and is also working toward a Minor in Business. He is originally from Long Island, New York, and joined M-Fly last year as a part of the Structures sub-team. He is often known as the better half of "Mac." This past summer Matt spent his time as a Design Engineer Intern at Boeing, supporting the CH-47 Chinook program. In his spare time, you can find Matt at Michigan football and hockey games.

Regular Class Structures Rosalind Duma

Rosalind is a junior studying Aerospace Engineering. She is from the small town of Howell, MI, and hopes to pursue a career in the Aerospace industry as well as become a private pilot. Previously, Rosalind has been a member of M-Fly's Structures sub-team for one year and is currently the Regular Class Structures lead. She looks forward to applying what she learned in the classroom to real-life problems on M-Fly, as well as working with various people to solve said problems. This past summer, she studied abroad in Spain to pursue her interests in Microrobotics and Spanish Culture. Outside of academia, if there is such a thing, Rosalind likes photography, kayaking, and reading.

Composites Lead Adam Licavoli

Adam is a Senior in Aerospace Engineering with concentrations in both structures and controls. Growing up in Kalamazoo MI, he dreamed of a future career designing space vehicles whilst spending his childhood launching a steady stream of his own model rocket designs. This summer Adam is working on brake controls algorithms for the Ford Motor Company. This will be Adam’s third year on the structures side of M-fly and he is looking forward to leading M-Fly’s newest branch, the composites sub team. In addition to M-fly, Adam is an active member of the Michigan Triathlon Club, Ceramics Club, and is an RA at Bursley Hall.

Propulsion & Controls Lead Michael Yost

Mike is a Junior in Aerospace Engineering and is working on a computer science minor. His hobbies include Ultimate Frisbee and Board Games. His usual side projects include improving glow motors and testing new improvements, as well running and staying active.

Avionics Lead Ian O'Rourke

Ian is a junior in Aerospace Engineering pursuing minor in Computer Science. This is his second year on the team and first as Avionics Lead. His favorite parts about M-Fly are getting to apply concepts learned in class to create aircraft that can actually fly and when the planes take off for the first time. This summer he is interning at SpaceX in Hawthorne, CA. He is a private pilot and enjoys flying both real and RC aircraft whenever he can.

Business Manager Emily Kusulas

Emily is a sophomore from Southgate, Michigan. She is majoring in Aerospace Engineering. She was a part of the Business and Aerodynamics team last year. This is her first year as the Business Manager for M-Fly She loves to be a part of such a great group of people that makes learning more fun and interactive. Emily is excited for next year and the great experiences M-Fly has to offer.

Outreach Chair Miranda Peterson

Randi is a senior studying Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Multi-Disciplinary Design. She has an interest in aircraft structures which has been further developed with an internship at Boeing. She has been an active member of M-Fly since her freshman year, including holding the role of Advanced Class Chief Engineer her junior year. As Outreach Chair, she looks forward to inspiring the next generation of engineers spending long nights in the Dude and continuing the team's community involvement. If she had free time, she would enjoy being outside, playing any sport, and asking people if she can pet their dogs.

Faculty Advisor

Carlos Cesnik