1st Place in Design

3rd Place in Presentation

5th Place Overall


SAE East (Lakeland, Florida)

The MX-3 was M-Fly's 2018 competition aircraft for Advanced Class.

The 2018 SAE Aero Design Competition East occurred on March 9-11th in Lakeland, Florida.

Advanced Class MissionThe goal of the Advanced Class competition is to drop humanitarian payload(s) onto a designated target. The aircraft must drop from a height above 100 ft. The aircraft must also have an onboard telemetry and First-Person-View (FPV) system that streams data and a video feed down to a ground station.

Competition RecapThe MX-3 scored a total of 162.2177 points, earning first place in design, third place in presentation, and fifth place overall. During its first scored flight in the second round, the MX-3 landed two dynamic payloads in the second drop zone. Continuing this success in the fifth round, four more payloads were scored. Three landed in zone two and one landed in zone one, resulting in the best advanced class score in M-Fly history. The MX-3 was flight ready in all seven rounds thanks to the diligence of the advanced class team.

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