3rd Place in Written Competition

4th Place in Oral Competition

3rd Place HOT (Humanitarian On Target) Award

3rd Place Overall


SAE West (Fort Worth, Texas)

The MX-2 is M-Fly's 2017 competition aircraft for Advanced Class.

The 2017 SAE Aero Design Competition East occurred on March 10-12th in Fort Worth, Texas.

Advanced Class Mission The goal of the Advanced Class competition is to drop humanitarian payload(s) onto a designated target. The aircraft must drop from a height above 100 ft. The aircraft must also have an onboard telemetry and First-Person-View (FPV) system that streams data and a video feed down to a ground station.

Design Philosophy and Drivers The overall team philosophy for M-Fly is to emphasize a collaborative environment of hands-on engineering experience while pushing for excellence. The advanced class design aims to design an aircraft that can reliably carry and accurately drop payloads onto the target.

Competition Day 1The day started with our technical presentation to judges the morning, and technical inspection of the aircraft in the afternoon. The presentation went very well, and technical inspection went smoothly despite the fact that a minor modification was needed to pass. This was fixed in time, and at the end of the day, the MX-2 was approved to fly.

Competition Day 2The first day of flight rounds began promptly at 8 AM. The first flight attempt was missed due to engine trouble. However, we flew successfully in our second flight, but did not score due to technicalities. The third flight was a successful flight where the aircraft carried ~10 lbs while dropping slightly off target. In the fourth and final flight of the day, the MX-2 carried ~12 lbs of static payload while dropping to within 1 ft. of the multiplier zone around the target.

Competition Day 3The MX-2 began the second day of flight rounds by scoring the highest yet of ~29 points due to getting within 1 ft of the target bull's eye while carrying ~12 lbs of static payload. In the final flight round of competition, the MX-2 carried ~11 lbs of static payload while dropping 2 payloads slightly off target.

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The 2017 SAE Aero Design Rules