19th Place for Technical Design Report

51st Place Overall


The MAT-1 was M-Fly's first aircraft for the AUVSI SUAS (Student Unmanned Aerial System) competition.

AUVSI SUAS MissionThe competition mission demonstration is a multi-part set of tasks and obstacles designed to simulate a real UAS mission. The aircraft must accurately navigate a set of waypoints, then proceed to a search area where it must take images of a set of objects and send them to a ground station for processing. The ground station must then crop, rotate, and geolocate the images in order to characterize each object's shape, color, alphanumeric character, and orientation. Additionally, the aircraft must accurately drop a water bottle onto a target, and it must fly the mission completely autonomously while avoiding both static and moving obstacles.

ResultsAlthough the team successfully completed the design and submitted the Technical Design Report, there were many technical, logistical, and administrative delays that made the team unable to complete enough testing to submit the Flight Readiness Review. The FRR is a video presentation that summarizes the team's system testing, and it is required to attend the competition for the mission demonstration. The team did not attend the 2018 SUAS competition, but they gained valuable experience and many members are returning as leads for AUVSI SUAS 2019.

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