2nd Place in Design

5th Place in Presentation

8th Place Overall


SAE East (Lakeland, Florida)

The M-10 was M-Fly's 2018 competition aircraft for Regular Class.

The 2018 SAE Aero Design Competition East occurred on March 9-11th in Lakeland, Florida.

Regular Class MissionThe goal of the regular class competition is to design an airplane to lift the heaviest payload possible. Each flight round is scored based on the weight of the payload successfully carried around the flight pattern, with each pound equaling one point. The plane must also takeoff within 200 feet and land controlled on the runway.

Competition RecapThe M-10 scored a total of 166.7171 points, earning second place in design, fith place in presentation, and eitgth place overall. Starting off the first flight round with only four passengers below full capacity, the M-10 took off with plenty of runway to spare and completed the lap. Adding another four passengers for a grand total of fifty, the second flight round was successfully completed. Flying fully loaded for a second time, the M-10 also scored in the sixth round, besting M-Fly's previous records for the heaviest regular class plane. Furthermore, thanks to some quick thinking by the regular class team, the plane was on the runway and ready to fly in all seven rounds.

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