3rd Place in Written Competition

5th Place in Oral Competition

6th Place Overall


SAE West (Fort Worth, Texas)

The M-9 is M-Fly's 2017 competition aircraft for Regular Class.

The 2017 SAE Aero Design Competition East occurred on March 10-12th in Fort Worth, Texas.

Regular Class MissionThe goal of the regular class competition is to design an airplane to lift the most passengers. Each flight round is scored based on the number of seats defined in the aircraft, the number of passengers, and a corresponding luggage weight. The plane must also takeoff within 200 feet and land controlled on the runway.

Design Philosophy and DriversThe overall team philosophy for M-Fly is to emphasize a collaborative environment of hands-on engineering experience while pushing for excellence. The regular class design aims for a reliable aircraft with a high number of seats with the use of a high thrust propulsion system and an overall goal of systems integration.

Competition Day 1The team successfully completed the technical inspection at 8 AM to begin the first day of competition and followed that with the presentation followed by 10 minutes of competition. Afterward, the payload demonstration occurred where the judge commented that the team's unloading time of 26 seconds was the quickest he had seen that day.

Competition Day 2The first day of flight rounds began promptly at 8 AM. The first flight round, the M-9 carried 32 passengers and 16 lbs of luggage. However, the nose gear failed and detached from the aircraft and the flight was disqualified. The second flight carried the same configuration and was successfully completed even though the nose was damaged. The third flight round was missed due to repairs to the fuselage and a new mounting system that was developed. The fourth flight round consisted of 38 passengers and 19 lbs of luggage. This was also successfully completed even though the nose gear was once again damaged.

Competition Day 3The second day of flight rounds began with the M-9 carrying a full load of 42 passengers and 21 lbs of luggage. The flight was completely successful with smooth take-off and landing. The 6th and final round of flight was not successful as the reciever battery on the aircraft ran out of battery while on the flight line.

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The 2017 SAE Aero Design Rules