5th Place in Written Competition

16th Place in Oral Competition

8th Place Overall


SAE East (Fort Worth, Texas)

The M-8 is M-Fly's 2016 competition aircraft for Regular Class.

The 2016 SAE Aero Design Competition East occurred on March 11-13th in Fort Worth, Texas.

Regular Class MissionThe goal of the regular class competition is to design an airplane to lift the heaviest payload possible. Each flight round is scored based on the weight of the payload successfully carried around the flight pattern, with each pound equaling one point. The plane must also takeoff within 200 feet and land controlled on the runway.

Design Philosophy and DriversThe overall team philosophy for M-Fly is to emphasize a collaborative environment that provides members with a hands-on engineering experience to prepare them for industry. The regular class design aims for a reliable aircraft with a high net lift by reducing empty weight and emphasizing systems integration between all aircraft subsystems.

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The 2016 SAE Aero Design Rules