8th Place in Written Competition

6th Place in Oral Competition

14th Place Overall


SAE East (Lakeland, Florida)

The M-7 is M-Fly's 2015 competition aircraft.

The 2015 SAE Aero Design Competition occurred on March 14-15th in Lakeland, Florida.

Competition Day 1 The team had a oral presentation and technical inspections for the M-7. We had a perfect score on Technical Inspection. We had little difficulties during the Technical Inspections, in which we had to fix problems few times before passing the inspection. On the other hand, the oral presentation went very well, achieving 6th place out of 33 teams. We also achieved 8th place in the design report.

Competition Day 2 Round 1 was attempted with 15 lbs of payload and was unsuccessful. The M-7 started down the runway straight but was not able to lift-off due to electronics failure. After crossing runway limit, it veered off of the runway and the right wing caught some lift causing the airplane to turn sharply, and it crashed. However, the damage was minimal and the team was able to make all the necessary repairs in time for the next round. Round 2 was attempted with 12 lbs of payload and was also unsuccessful. The M-7 rolled straight down the runway and completed a successful takeoff. But then, elevator servo control was lost during climb and the plane crashed. The damage was more severe this round. The left wing was cracked and the fuselage was broken. We brought an extra set of wings, so we were able to repair the M-7 for round 3 the following day.

Competition Day 3 Round 3 was attempted with 8.27 lbs of payload and was our only successful round of the competition. The M-7 took off before the 200 foot limit, completed the 360° circuit, and gently landed far within the 400 foot limit. The plane flew straight and stable and the team was exceptionally happy with the M-7’s flight performance. Round 4 was attempted with 15 lbs of payload and was unsuccessful. During the motor run-up on the runway, the propulsion system unexpectedly drew over 1000 watts, and the power limiter kept on cutting the power. One team member stepped onto the runway to help the team member holding the aircraft assess the problem, and we were disqualified for too many people on the runway at once.

Results Flying part did not go as well as what we were hoping for, had only one successful flight. However, the team did a good job, finishing 14th place overall.

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The 2015 SAE Aero Design Rules