5th Place in Written Competition

15th Place in Oral Competition

17th Place Overall

Competition Blog 2014


SAE East (Georgia)

The 2014 SAE Aero Design Competition was held on April 10-12th in Cumming, Georgia. This year, M-Fly built a high-wing monoplane.

Competition Day 1 The team had a oral presentation and tech inspections for the M-6. We had a perfect score on Technical Inspection. We did very well on our design report, finishing 5th place. We finished 15th place in the oral presentation.

Competition Day 2 It's the first flying day. We had a rough morning, failing to complete a successful flight. In the 2nd round, the M-6 crashed into the filed right after wing stalled at turn. After intensive work of fixing the damaged plane, we were able to fly the M-6 in the afternoon. Unfortunately, a landing gear wheel came off during flight and disqualified us for the round. It was very rough day, as we were unable to score points.

Competition Day 3 It's the second day of flight and the final day of the competition. It started out really well. In flight round 4 (the first flight of the day), we successfully carried 10.3 lb of payload! In the next round, we tried to carry 15 lb. But we could not take off, and this was our final round.

Results Even though the result was not as good as we hoped, the team did a good job, finishing 17th place overall.

The 2014 SAE Aero Design Rules