4th in Written Competition

9th Place Overall


SAE West (Texas)

M-Fly designed and built a biplane for the 2011 SAE Aero Design West Competition. The team conducted a test flight on March 12, 2011. Unfortunately the plane had an incorrect location of the center of gravity which caused the plane to crash. The team re-designed the plane to fix the problem and rebuilt the aircraft in time to go to the competition.

Competition Day One (March 18, 2011) The team drove to Fort Worth, Texas for the 2011 SAE Aero Design West Competition. The team took the plane to the Lockheed Martin facility for a technical inspection and the oral presentation portion of the competition. At the end of the first day of competition, the team was in 8th place overall (including the scores for both the written and oral presentations).

Competition Day Two (March 19, 2011) The M-Fly team left early in the morning to get to the flying field for the second day of competition. The first round of the flying portion of the competition is the empty weight round, which allows teams to gain bonus points for flying without payload. The M-Fly team was successfully able to compete in this round for the first time this year. In the second round of competition, the plane was able to lift 13.74 lbs of payload. The third round allowed the team's plane the chance to carry 16.5 total pounds of payload around the field. In the fourth round of the competition, the team loaded 19 pounds of payload into the plane. However, a strong crosswind caught the plane and caused it to crash. The damage to the plane was more than was feasible to fix, so the team wasn't able to compete in the third day of competition. At the end of the second day, the M-Fly team was in 7th place.

Competition Day Three (March 20, 2011) Despite not being able to compete in the last day of competition, the M-Fly team was able to finish the 2011 SAE Aero Design West Competition in 9th place. Congratulations to the team, as this year M-Fly had the highest overall score the team has had at competition!