29th Place Overall


SAE East (Georgia)

The M-1 was the first aircraft produced by M-Fly to make it to an SAE Aero Design Competition. The M-1 competed at the 2009 SAE Aero Design East Competition in Marietta, Georgia and took to the air successfully on its first flight, carrying a 7-lb payload. On its second flight, the M-1 took off too late due to a malfunction in the front landing gear. Later that day, on its third flight, the M-1 successfully lifted 13 pounds. The following day, with the M-1's flaps extended, M-Fly attempted to get the plane to lift 17 pounds. However, the plane flipped over on takeoff. Considering that the M-1 was M-Fly's first ever plane to make it to competition, it was considered a success and, more importantly, a great learning experience for the team.