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NIH--RO1-EB-000784               4/1/06 - 3/31/10

“Polymer Membrane Ion/Polyion Sensors: New Frontiers”  
Objectives: The goals of this project are to explore the fundamentals and bioanalytical applications of novel anion and polyion sensors based on thin hydrophobic polymers doped with appropriate host chemistries.

 NIH--R01-EB-000783               1/1/06- 12/31/09

"Biocompatible Chemical Sensors via Nitric Oxide Release"   
Objectives: The primary objective of this project is to demonstrate that NO release polymeric materials can be used to fabricate implantable chemical sensors that exhibit enhanced thromboresistance and analytical performance in vivo

         NIH--R01  EB-004527-01A              7/1/05 – 6/30/09

“Thromboresistant Polymers Via Catalytic Generation of NO”   
Objectives: To examine the feasibility of preparing thromboresistant polymers using immobilized copper(II) ions as catalytic sites to generate locally enhanced levels of NO to decrease clotting on inner surface of vascular grafts. 

                        NIH--RO1 HD015434  (PI: Bartlett)                7/1/04 – 6/30/07

Extracorporeal Circulation without Anticoagulation”  
Objectives: The goal of this project is the examine the possibility of carrying out short and longer term extracorporeal circulation procedures (including ECMO) without systemic anticoagulation via the use of NO releasing extracorporeal circuits.  Only NO release coatings based on diazeniumdiolates are employed in these studies.

               U.S. Army--ERMS# 05059015              9/1/05 – 8/31/08

“Nitric Oxide Generating Polymeric Coatings for Subcutaneous Glucose Sensors”   
Objectives:  The goal of this research is to assess whether NO generating polymers can create adequate levels of NO in subcutaneous fluid (from nitrosothiols) to decrease the inflammatory response that occurs when needle type glucose sensors are placed in this region for continuous in vivo monitoring of glucose in diabetic patients.

MC3 Inc.                                    7/1/06 – 4/30/07

“Implantable Glucose Sensors with Prolonged Accuracy”  
Objectives:  To assess whether glucose sensors with outer NO release  or generating chemistry provide same analytical response properties as analogous sensors prepared without NO release/generating chemistry
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