The Meyerhoff Group


We now have active collaborations with a number of research groups both on and off campus.  These include:

-Dr. Robert Bartlett, U of M Medical School; co-investigator on use of NO release/generation coatings for extracorporeal circuit applications.

-Dr. Gail Annich, U of M Medical School; co-investigator on application of NO release/generation for reducing occurrence of thrombosis in kidney dialysis.

-Dr. Prabir Roy-Chaudhury, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine; co-investigator on using NO release/generating coatings to reduce thrombosis in vascular grafts.

-Dr. Bruce Gerlitz, Eli Lilly and Co.;  collaborator on using recombinant human thrombomodulin in conjunction with NO release/generating polymer coatings to reduce thrombosis on medical devices.


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