Tango al Fresco (Outdoor Tango)

Weather Policy: If there is rain or any other inclement weather half an hour before the start time on the day of the outdoor tango event, it will be cancelled.

During the summer months, our club hosts outdoor tango events about 1-2 times a month. Outdoor tango dancing is very popular in Argentina, Europa, and America. It is fun to do during summer nights where the non-air conditioned room can be too warm to dance in and outdoor atmosphere can bring something different to the ambiance (moon and candle light, light breezes, people sitting on the park benches...).

Dancing outdoors on concrete is quite a bit different from the wood floors you may be used to. Several things have to be kept in mind, so we can have fun dancing in a long time:
  • Wear your worst shoes (but the ones that are still comfortable) since concrete will pretty much destroy your shoes. Your typical walking shoes will be great or better yet, bring a few pairs so you can test them out.

  • Since you can't pivot on the concrete, eliminate steps with pivoting action from your vocabulary (consider this as a challenge to your creativity...):

    • Don't use salon-style ocho; milonguero ocho is better

    • Avoid turns; rock and turn is an option

    • Some steps utilizing pivoting actions are best left for indoor dancing:

      • ocho cortado, forward ochos, and salon-style steps which are typically rich with pivoting/sweeping action (calesita, parada, barida). As general guideline, whenever your hip rotates, it is most likely that you are performing a pivoting action.

      • Concentrate on the connection with your partner and the music instead of how many steps you can do.

    • Leader, please be considerate with your partner's body. Follower, please remind leader if your body is hurting and remove the step from the dance.

Note: Attempting a pivoting action when your shoes don't allow pivoting will rotate other joints in your body: ankle, knee, etc. Since some joints are not designed to rotate (e.g. knee, which is designed to function mostly as a hinge), rotating action can actually damage them.