About our Instructors

Maximiliano Gluzman is a porteno dancer who proudly continues the tradition of his home town's social dance. He learned his first tangos when he was a child, bought his first tango record when he was fourteen, and began to pursue the dance when he was twenty one. His tango, one of personal identity, inherits the inventiveness of the Buenos Aires tradition and was acquired through years of working with world known instructors, as well as through researching the social tango of the old masters. His subtle firm lead is the result of both practice and countless nights of dancing in Buenos Aires. And through his unique, flowing musicality he has found an endless vehicle for creativity and expression. His professional life in tango is divided into two main areas: researching the dance of the old generation milongueros and teaching. Precisely, his teaching is about sharing the magic of the porteno dance with the rest of the world: its technique, its culture, and its mystery. A magic that, as difficult as it is to conceptualize, he has been able to transmit to his students from many countries. His dancing and teaching partner, Milva Bernardi, is considered by many old milongueros and young professional dancers the best follower in Buenos Aires. He has taught and performed in Argentina, Europe and the United States of America, both in workshops and seminars as well as in numerous festivals. He is a talented, admired DJ who has played both in Buenos Aires and in several events abroad.

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