Instructor: Rebecca Rorick Smith

Friday, July 4th


   Fireworks on the Floor 2008

    Note: Changes to schedule and venue are possible.


Friday, July 4th


Registration and Warm-up


Fundamentals of Leading and Following

Working with body awareness, axis, connection and balance

All Levels

Mind, Body & Spirit Academe (1785 W. Stadium Blvd)


A Conversation of Tango Developing mutual activity and responsiveness for both leaders and followers.

Exploring the thin line between.

All Levels

Mind, Body & Spirit Academe


Welcome Practica

DJ: Patrick Lademan

Mind, Body & Spirit Academe


Saturday, July 5th


Registration and Warm-up


Do Anything from Close Embrace!

Exploring transitions within close embrace to find amazing new spaces ripe with possibilities.



Ballroom, Union



Traspie, technique, and play.



Ballroom, Union



DJ: Bo Sun

Ballroom, Union


Milonga Picante!

DJ: Aleric Soans

Ballroom, Un


Milonga for Survivors

DJ: Ramji


Pittsfield Grange

Sunday, July 6th

1.00pm- 3.00pm

Private lessons with Rebecca



All Levels :)

Gallup Park


Milonga Al Fresco
Outdoor Milonga

DJ: Joe Dinda

Gallup Park


Monday, July 7th


Private lessons with Rebecca


Colgadas in Close Embrace



Ball Room, The League


Happy Ending Practica

DJ: Andreas Sidiropoulos

Ball Room, The League


*MATC-BBQ: Grilled food (including vegetarian) and non-alcoholic drinks will be provided. Please feel free to bring additional food or refreshments as you might like. Note that we do not have an alcohol permit, so non-alcoholic beverages only please. 





Note: Regular series/milonga/HY/FY Passes will not apply for events during these workshops. You have to purchase workshop passes separately.


Happy Note: Members of the Club will pay $5 less on their 4 day passes.





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You may pay by check or cash in person to the Event Organizers during any of the regular club events, or send your checks (pay to the order of: MATC) by mail to:

Solveig Heinz

2503 Packard Rd, Apt.S

Ann Arbor, MI, 48104

Private Lessons

Rebecca Smith, our instructor for this event is available for private lessons. Private lessons will be held in the Parker Room it is air-conditioned and has a good dance floor.  A lesson slot may be shared by one leader and one follower. Slots will be available on Sunday and Monday (see schedule). Please contact Solveig (734 255 7417) to ask about lesson rates and/or to schedule a slot. We may also be able to accommodate any specific circumstances or requests you might have.


Gallup Park
The entrance to Gallup Park is at the southwest corner of the intersection of
Huron Parkway and Fuller. (East of Huron Parkway Fuller becomes Geddes.) Cross the wooden bridge and drive east along to the last parking lot.

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Michigan Union
530 S. State
Ann Arbor, MI 48109

Free covered parking at specified times on weekends and evenings (please see the signs on the structure) is available in Thompson Street Parking structure which is right behind the Michigan Union. Thompson street is parallel to and one block west of S. State St.

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Michigan League
911 N University Ave
Ann Arbor, MI 48109

Free covered parking at specified times on weekends and evenings (please see the signs on the structure) is available at the Thayer Street and Fletcher Parking structures both of which are right by the Michigan League. Both S. Thayer Street and Fletcher Street intersect N. University Ave and run parallel to S. State Street.

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Pittsfield Grange
3337 Ann Arbor Saline Rd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48103-9711

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Mind, Body & Spirit Academe
1785 W Stadium Blvd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48103-9711

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The Event Organizers would like to recognize and thank all the volunteers who are helping us organize this workshop. Many thanks to all who volunteer their time to help with registration at the door, help setting and cleaning up, provide transportation and accommodation to our instructor, and, of course, to our DJs who bring our practices and milongas to life!


Poster Design: Margaret Dobry and Kelly O'Doherty


Chef de Cuisine (Milonga for Survivors): Rachel Miriani


BBQ Boss: Denzil Bernard


Decoration Coordinator: Akiko Kamimura


T-Shirt Coordinators: Audra Puchalski and Camila Pena


Questions? Concerns?

The answers to most questions you might have can be found on this website.  However, if you still have specific questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email one of the event organizers:


Arthur McClelland: arthurmc@umich.edu

Roshan Joseph: zeppelin@umich.edu

Solveig Heinz: solveigheinz@gmail.com