Musicality Workshop for Tango Dancers
by Pablo Aslan

Saturday, April 3, 2004
7:00pm - 9:00pm
Pendleton Room, Michigan Union

Cost: $5 students / $10 non-students
(pay at the door)

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About the Workshop

This workshop helps dancers develop an awareness of the musical elements of tango. Unlike other dance music, tango does not rely on drums to communicate its beat. Rather, the beat is inside the orchestra, shared by all the instruments. After this workshop you will never hear tango music the same way. We'll take you inside a tango orchestra and share the secrets of tango musicians and arrangers. Through rhythmic exercises, counting, clapping, and stepping on and off the beat, you'll discover the elusive nature of tango rhythm.


Introduction to the major rhythmic figures utilized in the tango: Marcato, Sincopa, 3-3-2, and Milonga. Clapping exercises. Walking exercises. Tango syncopations, off the beat figures, subdivisions derived from the milonga rhythm. Combinations and phrases with changing rhythms.


A listening tour of the major orchestras of the 1930’s through 1960's, as featured in contemporary “milongas”. Historical overview of the Golden Age of tango. Major band leaders and interpreters. Rhythmic styles of the major orchestras. Identification of the rhythmic figures discussed in Part One.

About Pablo Aslan

Argentine-born bassist and composer Pablo Aslan is a leading figure in the tango revival. In addition to directing Avantango, he is a founder and co-director (with Latin Grammy nominee Raul Jaurena) of New York-Buenos Aires Connection and the acclaimed New York Tango Trio.

Also a scholar and teacher of tango music, he wrote his Master's Thesis at UCLA on "Tango: Stylistic Evolution and Innovation", writes regularly for Tango Times, La Voz del Tango, El Firulete, and was Contributing Editor of La Posta del Tango. He has lectured on the history of the tango at Wesleyan University, Stanford Tango Workshop, City University of New York, University of North Carolina, Emory University, and in several cities in the US and Europe.

His "Musicality Workshop" is a favorite among US tango dancers. Aslan is also devoted to the teaching of tango musical techniques to North American musicians, holding workshops and coaching bands throughout the country. He has coached Tango Number 9 (San Francisco), Tango Divino (Seattle) and Extasis (Denver) in arranging and performance techniques.

More information on Pablo can be found at
www.avantango.com which also contains his music site.


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