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Zero Trends: Health as a Serious Economic Strategy

ZERO TRENDS: Health as a Serious Economic Strategy

"Thanks, Dee, for warning us just how grave
the pending healthcare disaster is in our
country, and for pointing us in the right
direction to turn it around!"

- Ken Blanchard
Coauthor, The One Minute Manager




View this short video to see Dee Edington
explain why the HMRC has concentrated
on the business case for helping
healthy people stay healthy.

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In his book, Zero Trends: Health as a Serious Economic Strategy, Dee Edington covers the underlying problems of escalating healthcare costs and low productivity, and the data-driven evidence for the business case.

He looks at the objectives of company-sponsored health management programs, their impact on health-care costs, and their five fundamental ingredients (i.e., creating the vision of a health-promoting workplace, articulating the vision throughout the workplace, producing winners, rewarding positive behaviors, and allowing outcomes to drive strategies).

book pillars
  • Don't get worse.
  • Keep healthy employees healthy.
  • Create a culture of health.

This book is ideal as a roadmap for business and health plans and practitioners of health promotion programs.

Crafting an effective workplace wellness plan can help not only keep your employees healthy, but also contain your health care costs and improve productivity.


In today's fragile economic climate, organizations can't afford to have runaway healthcare costs, let alone a sick workplace. In his lanmark book, Dee Edington, PhD., Director of the U-M Health Management Research Center, draws on his 30-plus years of experience and research to show how organizations can manage escalating healthcare costs while keeping their workforces healthy and productive.