Project 0 Corrections and Clarifications

Updated 9/7/2019

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This document is part of the project specifications.

Your solution must follow these corrections and clarifications.

P.7, #5, 3rd bullet point: Clarification of specification "If you use classes in your program …"

Notice the "If" — there is no requirement that you use classes in Project 0, so if you are unsure how to use classes in the project, then don't use them — we will be working with classes starting with Project 2.  If you do use classes in this project, you have to follow this specification for where you use them. 

A bit of further clarification: A struct type that has no private member variables and has no member functions does not count as a class for purposes of this specification. 

P.4, 5. Clarification of which handouts on stream I/O are being referred to.

There are two handouts that present everything needed for the course projects and are easy to read, having originally been prepared for EECS 280 many years ago. They are referred to in Project 0 because there are key points that many students either didn't get or don't remember from previous courses. These are in the Handouts section of the course website:

Basic console I/O including checking for input errors (read first!):

Basic file I/O including logic for reading and checking for end-of-file: