Lecture Notes

Note: This page links to lecture outlines. They will be provided only when feasible and useful. Lecture outlines are my raw outlines. I can quickly put these on the web site, but they are not written out, like a book or handout. The topics are not necessarily in order, or all repesented, or all covered in lecture. The outlines will have typos, though they should be basically correct. Outlines that apply to multiple lecture days may replace earlier versions, so recheck this list.

In general, this material will not be comprehensible without the lecture; it is provided to supplement, not replace, the lecture presentation and help compensate for our large crowded classrooms and my crummy handwriting. For example, you might want to correct your notes of code examples, or simply refer to these notes for the code examples instead of trying to copy them from the board. The example code is also available in the course afs directory:


If the title of the lecture notes includes an asterisk(*), then the posted version was modified on or subsequent to the lecture date. If you downloaded the previous version, you should download the new version and check for any differences.