EECS 381: Autograder Information and Policies

To submit your project, please follow the instructions on the main web page about the Submission Program.


Your project will be graded by a computer program, called the "autograder." Our intent with this system is that if your project fully meets the project specifications in the assignment handout as updated on the web site, then you should get full grade credit. While this system is faster and more consistent than human graders, it is necessarily less flexible and pickier. The grading system is designed to be no pickier than a conscientious software development manager would be - industrial grade software has to meet its specifications, not just be "pretty close." Furthermore, the grading system is actually similar in structure and technology to the automated testing systems that many good software organizations use. So as picky as it can be, it is not unrealistic.

Any announcements about the grading system and due dates will be made by email to the announcements address. Check there first if you have questions about these matters.

Due Dates and Times, Early Submission

We will announce when the autograder is ready about one week or more before the project due date. The due date is normally given in the course schedule, the Project assignment document, the course web page, or in an announcement broadcast to the announcements list. If the dates are different, announcements on the web page or announcements list take precedence over the project document, which takes precedence over the course schedule.

The project is due before midnight on the due date; more exactly it must be submitted before 11:59:59 PM on the due date. For purposes of early submission credit, a day is defined as midnight-to-midnight. Thus if the due date is Friday, March 17, a project submitted before midnight Wednesday March 15 qualifies for the two-days-early bonus. A project submitted after Wednesday midnight but before midnight Thursday March 16 qualifies for the one-day-early bonus. A project submitted after Thursday midnight but before midnight of the due date of Friday March 17 is on-time and earns no bonus. A project submitted after 11:59:59 Friday March 17 is late, and will not be accepted, and will earn zero credit, even if it was only a fraction of second late.

Important concepts about the autograder

What is Graded?

Working with the Autograder

Using the Autograder Feedback