Home altars are the central feature of a room. Mexico 's Indian and mestizo people, in acts of private devotion, regularly construct home altars to commemorate their relations with ancestral past and their place within a grander cosmic order. Simple altars are arranged in a hierarchical fashion with snapshots of family members, both living and the dead, alongside statues and pictures of the spiritual family in heaven- Christ, the Virgin Mary, and a host of angels and saints. Candles, plastic flowers, and personal moments adorn these shrines. There can be various other objects placed on the altar such as figures of plastic dolls. Each portrait and each adornment on an altar has profound personal and ancestral meanings. When residents of the households stand before these altars in simple acts of prayer, reflection and meditation, they place themselves and their family in the grander cosmic scheme of memory and history. Home altars are continuously constructed year-round to recognize special occasions such as The Day of the Dead and Christmas or even constructed in honor of the dead. This webpage will show how Selena Quintanilla Perez is worthy of an altar. 4


Dia de los Muertos



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