A tenured professor came to the Chapter with a report that the chair of the professor's department plagiarized a research proposal developed by the professor and colleagues; that the departmental chair submitted the proposal to a foundation, which agreed to fund the proposal; and that the chair then brought in a professor from outside the University to direct the research. The professor, who originally developed the proposal, states that a complaint to the dean's office produced the response that the chair's actions were permissible.

The Chapter's Executive Committee reported this case to the national AAUP headquarters and to the Executive Board of the Michigan Conference. On September 18, 1999, the Executive Board of the Michigan Conference unanimously adopted the following resolution:

"The Executive Board of the Michigan Conference of AAUP endorses the position taken by the Executive Committee of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Chapter of AAUP with regard to plagiarism by a departmental chair of a faculty research proposal, subsequent secret submission of the proposal on behalf of the chair alone to a funding agency, and assignment of responsibility for direction of the research to a newly appointed faculty member: that such actions are in violation of the academic freedom standards of AAUP, that approval of the actions by a university administration is unacceptable to AAUP and that a Committee A investigation of these actions should be carried out, with a view to possible censure of the university administration."

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