University of Michigan Ann Arbor Chapter of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP)

Minutes for January 11, 2012                         Approved on January 25, 2012

Present: D. Burns, J. Calhoun, C. Smith, R. Lomax, D. Smith, K. Herald - Lecturer's Employee Organization

The meeting was called to order by D. Burns at 12:15 pm.

Minutes. Updates to the December 14, 2011 minutes were noted and subsequently approved.

Treasurer's Report. C. Smith provided an overview of the status of the Chapter's accounts for Fall 2011, including at starting balance of $4,463.15 in the Small Business Checking account on 9-1-11, with a 12-30-11 ending balance of $4,425.90. Interest of $.29 was gained in the Money Market Account for a December 30 ending balance of $2,935.02. The organization's Certificate of Deposit was renewed on 11-18-11 for 11 months at an interest rate of .7%; the current balance of that CD after an interest deposit of $46.37 was $12,464.12. He also recommended that consideration be given to a new fundraising campaign, including the establishment of a PayPal system for direct donations, as well as the insertion of a button for donations on the AAUP webpage.

Announcements. K. Herold from the Lecturer's Employee Organization reported that LEO's long-standing dispute with the University regarding specific categories of their organizational membership was settled at the urging of the Michigan Employment Relations Commission (MERC). The University is not to inform LEO of: 1) new clinical track considerations across the Schools; and 2) transfers from LEO to clinical track positions. Given that each UM school can write its own definition for their clinical track, there is wide variability in how this track is now utilized across schools. Some schools are using it for administrative roles, program directorships, etc. rather than for teaching roles. As such, these practices are more of a threat to the tenure process than to LEO.

K. Herold also noted that Ian Robinson is organizing an event called Occupy for the Future of Democracy, which will take place on Saturday, January 21, 2012, from 11:00am until 5:00pm. The day-long teach-in will take place in Room 2105 A and B of the Michigan Union. The event is being coordinated with in conjunction with Occupy Ann Arbor, Occupy UM, and the Washtenaw Community Action Team (WCAT) focusing on radical history, the current crisis, and the responses of Occupy and other movements.

Active Cases. A brief update on the Assistant Professor inquiry at the Flint Campus was presented by D. Burns. It appears this individual in caught in the strife and political issues resulting from changes in many of the administrative and departmental positions there. No other cases were discussed.

Faculty Governance. D. Burns noted that the Chapter continues without a liaison to the Senate Advisory Committee on University Affairs (SACUA). The issue was brought to the attention of the current SACUA Chair, K. Barald, the however to date there has been no response and the matter remains unsettled.

State/National AAUP News. C. Smith reported that the Mid-Michigan Conference monthly meeting will take place January 14th in Ypsilanti. As a non-profit 501.C3, the Conference can accept donations and lobby, and has recently set up a PAC to support various political initiatives.

The Annual Meeting of the State Conference is planned for the end of March in Lansing at Michigan State University, which is currently involved in an active membership campaign to rejuvenate its local chapter. He also noted that our Chapter will need to elect or name delegates for that upcoming Conference meeting.

At the National Conference level, the Nominating Committee has completed a slate for the upcoming election of national officers. Two candidates are being put forward for each National office to be voted on prior the Annual Meeting in June. The assembly of State Conferences (ASC) however has not presented a slate for the June Annual Meeting election.

Old Business. D. Burns reported that he now has a list of Chapter members based on the National organization's audit as of October 2011. He also has a list of interested individuals from the August meeting with new faculty at the University. This listing also needs to be cross-matched to the list obtained from I. Robinson's recent survey soliciting interest in the organization. He would like to then initiate a "recruit the recruiter" strategy to attract new members to the Chapter. Each Committee member is asked to review the list to identify individuals who may be interested in assisting with this new membership campaign.

D. Smith suggested that in advance of a campaign, a list of accomplishments over the past year be developed for the Chapter's website and Facebook.

New Business. D. Smith reported on his meeting with Lt. Overton, the Interim Deputy Chief of the University's Public Safety Department, regarding the use of the "stalking law" restricting contacts with UM employees, as well as the current situation with the University's trespass policy. Lt. Overton stated that the Department has not really changed policies regarding the use of either, however they are now more restrictive regarding related deployment policies. Also, it is recognized that in the past there has been variability in the use of these policies across the University administration and that there is a need for all University executive officers to be educated on these policies and their use.

J. Calhoun requested that the members review and confirm the proposed 2012 Executive Committee meeting dates for booking the Bates Room with the Union facilities coordinating office. The final schedule is attached.

Adjournment. The meeting was adjourned by D. Burns at 1:20 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Judith G. Calhoun


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